Our Blogging Culture

Before you consider joining our Edit team as a volunteer contributor, it’s important to establish an understanding of our ÒRÉ Blogging Culture and the terms of your membership.

If you have any questions regarding our blogging culture, please let us know in your application form cover letter.

conservative and trustworthy

Hello ÒRÉ is an online platform created by British-Nigerian Christian sisters with a passion for encouraging young women to aspire, achieve and enjoy living life to the fullest. While we do not use this platform to exclusively promote the Christian faith or our political opinion regarding the plight of women, these values form the basis of our conservative and trustworthy blogging culture. When writing fashion/beauty/health/lifestyle related posts, the aim is to stick to the topic and avoid posting extortionate ideologies, explicit content and any unhealthy/unnatural concepts. We want our viewers to trust our content so we avoid being overly opinionated in posts.

On this platform, a conservative post (not in any way linked to the British political party) is kept simple, truthful and applicable to as many readers within our intended audience. Posts are not overly opinionated or subject to various personal interpretations; it contains no explicit content, and it does not evoke hatred or spite. While editors are free to write on what they want (within our themes) we expect all editors to do their research on each topic before posting, being as factual and to-the-point as possible.

Outside of referring knowledgeably to the Christian faith, all editors should ensure their posts are free of adverse religious, political and controversial slants.

Failure to adhere to our fundamental conservative and trustworthy culture will result in a warning and eventually a termination of your contribution membership.

public domain for public info only

While we want our editors to feel artistically liberated as they share with our readers, this platform is not for sharing personal or private information. We advise all contributors to keep private details confidential and to never use the online platform to share their personal details with other users/viewers on the blog.

Abuse is regarded in the form of irrelevant content, profane language, obscene images and any form of harassment. This site is rated G, therefore any content and images uploaded must be suitable for all at all times.

We reserve the right to suspend any editor posting content deemed inappropriate or abusive while using this simple, friendly blog for young women. We take privacy and abuse very seriously and will not hesitate to suspend or cancel contributor status if the platform is threatened by explicit.

no copyright infringement

Our editors must write their own blog posts and appropriately quote the right source when using someone else’s content. Where possible, editors must credit images sourced from the internet.

must strictly relate to one of the following themes:

Fashion & Beauty
Wardrobe styling – Celebrity styling – Seasonal/Occasional styling – Fashion brands – Fashion designers – Fashion Events – Beauty tips & hacks – Skincare

Home & Lifestyle
At home tips – Homeware – Travel – Stress-relievers – Exploring in London (or your relevant city) – Improving a healthy work-life balance

Food & Healthy Living
Recipes – Exercise

subject to pre-approval

When an editor writes a blog post, it is subject to review by the Editor-in-Chief before it goes live. The EiC reserves the right to make further edits/recommendations to the post before it appears live. The EiC also reserved the right to reject a post if the topic is outside ÒRÉ themes, or the post does not fit with our blogging culture. Editors will have the opportunity to consider the feedback and make changes where necessary.