"My quest for creative inspiration trails off into the world of diverse women.
By showcasing women-of-colour creatives and their art, I get to use this platform as a filter for unique finds.

Style has many colours and voices, so amidst the influx of mainstream coverage, the OB is staying true to its Black-origins and feminine foundations.

Get inspired by diversity in fashion & lifestyle by using our hashtag #OREgirl - and browse some of our favourite features."

Joanna - EiC

Art by @theartistakuji
Art by @theartistakuji



Afro-Caribbean artist, Akuji (a-ku-g), is a new-found favourite! Browse her amazing collections and shop everyday merchandise embellished by her creations.

@Akuji phonecase
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Andrea Iyamah owned by Nigerian fashion designer Dumebi Iyamah, is a clothing line strongly inspired by color and ethnic cultures.
With a flare for fashion and the arts, she advanced her tailoring skills and educated herself about fashion which later fueled the genesis of the A.I. brand at an early age of 17.

SS17 – AI
SS17 – AI
Andrea Iyamah SS17
Art by @theartistakuji