Keji Victoria is a fashion brand with an Afrocentric focus in design and style.
Owing much inspiration to her Nigerian roots and British upbringing, Keji Ewuosho’s designs take a Western approach to traditional African prints and patterns.
As a 24 year old woman who has embraced fashion design from 18, Keji’s dynamic and classy spin on clothing creates the perfect blend between glam and everyday wear, featuring growing collections for every occasion.
The KV woman is bold and creative, unafraid to embrace colour and style in her daily wardrobe.
What’s so unique about the KV Brand is that our emphasis on creativity puts our customers in the driving seat of their wardrobe. KV Designs are not mass-produced so we work harder at designing and putting some TLC in each clothing item than in making them all look the same.
Because no KV woman is the same.

How it works:

Customers browse designs and create a personalised KV Look by choosing the pattern and fabric mix from the options provided. KV works exclusively with DaViva materials to match the quality and creativity her brand emanates.
KV Design prices include the custom fabrics, postage and packaging and an alteration post-production.

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