The ÒRÉ Brand is the ‘Girlfriends Guide’ to fashion, healthy living and exploring.
Although based in London, we welcome contributors from all over the world with obvious interests in diverse style and content relatable to women of colour living in the U.K!

Moving away from solely mainstream content, the ÒRÉ blog is particularly keen on showcasing practical and realistic tips for young women, stripping away idealistic and unattainable barriers, and relating to everyday women with everyday challenges and dreams!

We’re looking to expand our blogging team and in need of volunteer bloggers to provide informative and creative insight on fashion, beauty, home inspiration, travel, living, and health.

If you’d like to join our Edit team, please read the available roles (click to expand) and send your application using the form below.

Before you apply for any role, please ensure you’ve read and understood our conservative blogging culture, and the importance of keeping personal, political and religious opinions away from blog content. Our Editor in Chief reserves the right to review posts and will reject content that doesn’t comply with our blogging culture!

(Please note: Hello ÒRÉ is not an employer and does not currently offer paid roles or formal work experience for uni students who need to complete their creative course. But we do offer the satisfaction of seeing your work published online and the opportunity to grow with a start-up publishing brand for women! 😉 If you are asked to attend a show or cover an event, expenses will be paid. If you have any questions on possible renumeration, please enquire in your application.)

Current Volunteer Roles:

Writers & Online Visual Editors

We’re expanding our team of Editors and looking for friendly, adventurous, creative (yet conservative!) ladies to contribute to the blog from the comfort of their homes and in their own free time.

Available roles: Fashion & Lifestyle Writers and Social Media Visual Editors
Volunteer period: Autumn-Winter 2019 (minimum 3 months) varied hours + 2 submissions per week

Fashion & Lifestyle Writers (click to expand):

Do you have a passion for fashion and lifestyle? – Can you write about it?
Writing is all about engaging your readers from start to finish; grammar, syntax and general flow of creative and unique content is imperative.
Our Writers are free to write about anything within the themes/identity of ÒRÉ – they have direct access to the blog so it’s important we have confidence in their ability to write and stay relevant to our readers.
Themes include: Fashion & Beauty, Home & Lifestyle, Food & Healthy Living
As a Writer for ÒRÉ you can build your own portfolio and readership through the Blog; create new ways to keep your followers coming back!
If you are based in London, you may also be invited to attend and cover events on behalf of ÒRÉ – all expenses will be paid for.

  • Must be educated up to A-Levels (with at least a B-grade in GCSE English Language)
  • Must have real interest in creating fashion & lifestyle content for women, and for exploring diverse cultures and Women-of-Colour creatives
  • Must be able to contribute to the blog at least twice a week till end of freelance period

If you’re applying to join the Writing Team, please add a link to your current blog (if you have one) or use the Cover Letter section write a mock-blog-post on any topic within our themes and send it to us!

Social Media/Online Visual Editors (click to expand):

Do you have a passion for creative and inspiring images?
Do you keep updated with diverse fashion news?
Our social media accounts focus more on images and less on words, but you will need to have a way with both.
From following dope local photographers to keeping up with international editorial magazines, you get to sieve through a lot of content and pick out what works best with the ÒRÉ themes *see themes above*; you must credit all original sources or you can create your own imagery!
As a Visual Editor for ÒRÉ you have the role of making our social media accounts aesthetically pleasing and inspirational for other creatives.
If you are based in London, you may also be invited to attend and cover events on behalf of ÒRÉ – all expenses will be paid for.

  • Must have Media Studies, Photography, or Art qualifications from GCSE, A-Level or Undergraduate degree
  • Must have a Tumblr or Instagram account
  • Photoshop/Illustrator knowledge desirable
  • Must have real interest in African fashion & lifestyle and Women-of-Colour creatives
  • Must be able to contribute to ÒRÉ Instagram frequently till end of freelance period

If you’re applying to join the Online Visual Team, please make it clear in the application form which of the ÒRÉ themes you are most interested in: also add a link to your current Instagram or Tumblr page so we can see your style of imagery content.
Please note: you will need to be active on at least one of the visual social media accounts to apply for this position.
For ideas on what inspires our Visual Team, check out our Editor-in-Chief’s Tumblr page.

Please ensure you have read and understood our Blogging Culture before applying to join the ÒRÉ Edit team. We take our culture very seriously and will not hesitate to terminate the volunteer period if any rule is broken.