Winter Warmer Smoothie

Flashback to schooldays when I’d awake on a cold winter’s morning groaning and wincing at the thought of having to leave the warm haven of my bed.
Winter time meets cold mornings and cold evenings. You’re only remedy is to snuggle up inside as the temperatures drop further and, even when you get comfortable, you want that extra hug to make you feel even more content.
Well, say hello to the winter foods.
In particular, the winter smoothie which can be your trustworthy friend.
It’s warming, made from fresh fruit so packed with vitamins, and indulging.

Here’s my spin on a Winter Smoothie…


  • two plums,
  • one banana,
  • nutmeg
  • almond milk
  • plain yoghurt or crème fraiche (optional)


  • one apple,
  • one pear,
  • one banana,
  • nutmeg
  • almond milk
  • plain yoghurt or crème fraiche (optional)
What to do…

Chop up the fruit and mix together with the almond milk and sprinkling of nutmeg in a smoothie blender. (The almond milk is not measured but it is enough to form a thick liquid)
Next, transfer to a milk pan/ saucepan and place on the hob at a medium heat until hot.
Pour into your favourite mug and top with plain yogurt or, if you’re wanting to treat yourself, crème fraiche.
Finally, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy!
Served above for breakfast with avocado, grilled apple and walnuts on toasted homemade bread

By, Francesca Rose

The Winter Project


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