Winter Ready

Essential items for winter.

I’m going to try really hard to keep this list short and essential – but essential could get long.

Winter fashion is by far the best out of all the seasons. You have to make the most of it – don’t just put on a baggy hoodie and that old coat you’ve had in the wardrobe for years; embrace the cold, and here’s how you do it…
Getting straight into it; layering will become your best friend.
The trick to layering is wearing lots of thin layers, rather than one big piece – like a hoodie. Ultimately, it depends on how stylish (and how warm) you want to be.
Layer one could be a vest, next is either a t-shirt or a long sleeved top, then we put on a shirt – one with a cute collar is preferable. Then the piece de resistance; a jumper – making sure the shirt collar is pulled through so it’s visible. This works perfectly at keeping you warm and also keeping you looking stylish.
A coat this time of year is such an essential piece of clothing, I don’t think you could be without one.
I have noticed a recent trend towards two types of coats recently – the cape, and the cocoon coat. Now either of these would be a brilliant choice; capes look brilliant in darker tones – black, greys or even camel work well; especially if you wear a dark sleeved top underneath. A cocoon coat looks amazing in a pattern though; a dogtooth, or herringbone pattern would make a statement piece that could be teemed with a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of ankle boots.
Ankle boots:
Ankle boots are the perfect shoe for winter; there are so many styles and designs to fit any occasion. (Pun intended) Heeled or flat ankle boots will look great matched with skinny jeans rolled up, or tights and a skirt/ dress. Around on the high street in popular stores there have been a lot of ankle socks selling well – different colours, some with lace around the top and these under the ankle boots, with the frilly lace peeking out the top look pretty.
Ankle boots
Now to go with the cape or cocoon coat (that after seeing these pictures I know your all going out to buy) you need a pop of colour. The easiest way to introduce a spot of colour is through a scarf; plus it will keep your neck warm – always a must in the winter. So another trend that’s moving into our high street is the tartan scarf. There are quite a few variations out at the minute for example red toned tartan and also green toned tartan, which are both really popular. They bring almost a spot of heritage as well as colour to your outfit whilst making you look extremely on trend and stylish.
You are very welcome!
Satchels. Do I need to say more? These adorable bags are obliterating the competition, leaving them on top. They work with any outfit, and can be carried it a few different ways making them very versatile. For example holding them, having them across the body or on the shoulder. Satchels can be extremely expensive because of the material and craftsmanship that goes into making them, so if you had the money there are plenty of company’s out there to satisfy your satchel needs. There are also a lot of beautiful alternatives on the high street or even charity/ vintage shops at a more affordable price; a doctor’s bag (see photo 3) is just as gorgeous if you wanted something a little older, perhaps with a little history.
So there we have the essentials for winter. There are so many other items I could have put on this list – tights, a statement black skirt, knitted headbands and even just a pair of good jeans. All these are good staple pieces that should be in our winter wardrobes, along with a tacky Christmas jumper. Obviously.

Charlotte Smart
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