Hey my Bisi Beauties!  Today, I am going to talk about what I have learnt whilst experimenting with wigs and extensions, take a look!

Wigs and Extensions

Since going natural, I have learnt to love my hair however, I do like to switch it up sometimes by experimenting with wigs and extensions, keeping my hair braided underneath. However, we don’t want any wigs or extensions doing any disappearing acts when the wind picks up! Securing your wig is very important so it doesn’t slide around during the day.

My top tips for wearing wigs or extensions are:

  1. Your natural hair is your foundation! Small and equal sized cornrows lay a great base for your wig cap (afterwards I would set with ORS Olive Oil Wrap/Set Mousse and a scarf whilst I wait for it to dry or use a hairdryer to set quicker). This helps the wig sit evenly and look as natural as possible.
  2. Lace front glue ! My favourite being Got2b Glued Gel . Before sticking down your lace, ensure your hairline is free of any oils or makeup for an easier stick. Always apply a thin layer to prevent build up and dry until tacky. Some people prefer applying a thin layer of gel so the glue has a barrier to stick to. Glueing in sections will make it a lot easier for yourself then set with a scarf and/or hairdryer.
  3. Pins are your best friend. Most wigs come with hair pins attached but I like to add additional ones for more support and security.
  4. Hide the strings. Ponytail extensions are usually fastened with an adjustable elastic, when tightened there can be excess elastic so I would wrap and tuck them and secure with hair pins.
  5. Care for your hair! Under wigs, ensure you keep your natural hair moisturised but avoid using too much product (heavy gels and creams) to stop product build-up. With ponytail extensions, be careful not to wear high ponytails too often with extensions as it can put strain on your edges.
  6. Baby hairs! Some wigs come with pre-plucked hairlines with baby hairs, which can really help cover the harsh hair line of the wig. However, if you want to style the wig to fit your face shape , you can pluck the wig around the hairline using tweezers and then  style the baby hairs with any edge control or light gel. I love ORS Olive Oil Edge control or Sofn’free Olive Oil Styling gel.

Hope this helps my Bisi Beauties!


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