Burger brashness

With the rise of vegetarian or vegan alternatives – is the good old fashioned beef burger (traditional Hamburger) having a bit of a fashion revolution or perhaps a mid-life crisis?

Troublesome choices we have

For meat eaters, how do you like your slide of meat?
Forget keeping it simple, you can have your meat saucy, dry, hickory smoked, juicy or spiced up to full power.
And will it be beef, chicken or pork?

For veggies, how does a spicy sweet potato, bean, or chickpea burger sound?
Will it be patty, brioche bun, or completely bread-less?
And let’s not forget the sides: do you go all American with a side of fries or keep it clean(er) with roasted vegetables?

Fashionista foodie burger choices

There is a burger out there for everyone, but what is with the innovation behind the recent trends in burger eating? What came first: the burger being reinvented or the need to provide an alternative to gain / keep customers who have made a conscious decision about their eating disciplines? Could the food movement have moved on with a case of the humble burger wanting its moment in Vogue?

Fast satisfaction

Whether you love the innovation or prefer to go back to grass roots (mainly carrots and sweet potato), life always has room for some sort of slutty comfort food which says yes to carbs and all. Its main championing restaurants seem to know that we like it served fast too and it suited us just fine in the 80’s and 90’s.

So whilst I debate the good about the burgers time in the spotlight, whatever form you choose according to your own beliefs, values and needs, I want to ask just one more question – When does a portion of pulled meat in a bun, steamed or toasted stop or start being a burger? 🙂



Editor’s Note:
If all this talk about burgers has got you inspired to DIY some unique burger recipes – check out this Mediterranean chickpea burger recipe (vegan) and/or this Southwest BBQ pork slider burger recipe.

(Feature image: Tina Tausend)


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