The food revolution is in place: it’s one thing to celebrate the produce (the burger or bean or even in fact the holistic benefits of natural food resources such as turmeric and good old garlic) but we should also review how these goods are packaged – considering both in our diets and in how foods are ‘dressed to impress’ the consumer.

Christmas, fair enough!

So let’s pick one very natural product, one wonder vegetable with all the connotations of the soon to be upon us festive period.
The humble Brussels sprout. The foul being that stirs up bad winds over the family Christmas tables. It’s a bit Marmite; you are either a hater or a lover.

The thing is we are still insisting on making the mini cabbage palatable for those aren’t fans because how could we package a Christmas dinner without the green balls? We couldn’t possibly leave them out could we? You can buy a gift of a chocolate hiding as a sprout if you so wish to give the gift of wonderment (or perhaps puzzlement!).

Size does not matter (Oh yes it does!)

Portions are part of a package, the deal being five a day of the good things and a lot less of the evils of salt and sugar. However we do still need to have a certain amount of many things that will keep us functioning well and fit enough to enjoy life. So big or small, singular or family size, food comes as a deal, there is a product that meets our needs; we might just need to be more knowledgeable consumers.

Costs and campaigns of covers and costs

There’s a value in food that we need to consider too, other than nutritional we need to look at morals and beliefs and ethics as well as seasonal and carbon footprint. We are in the know about mileage, origins and also the benefits of the supplier and manufacturer of the product, think Fairtrade, farmers markets and artisan specialism and shopping on your door step to support local business.

The hectic plastic panic

We have taken the word package lightly but the biggest scare and the biggest importance to this current society is the plastic crisis. Can we live without packaging of the malleable but less recyclable seals, bag, box and carton for our food stuffs? Maybe we need to think a lot about things in small packages, we may need to think big about all the concepts of food packaging. Think Carlsberg’s recent press release of the first paper packaged beer bottle.

Advertising aversion technique

The biggest packaging is the advertising and branding of the product, perhaps we see the brand or label first and only just started to see the big colourful icon is in fact smack bang in the middle of a big old plastic bottle.

Blinkers off, blinding light of foodie loveliness

So we need to be aware that food isn’t just food.
Should we select our Brussels one by one, not in a bag prepacked?
Should we remember that economy starts at home (much like charity) and consider what effect our demand has on the world economy?
While we indulge in the good things, we must be mindful of the growing alternatives to the plastic packaging and we need to push for innovation on how we “package” our food.


©Header Image: Bella Rose Sustainable Designs


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