Sweet Valentine

Sweet Valentine?
With valentines just two week away, every romantic wanderer and cynical single is anticipating the big 14th. For years and years our societies all over the world have known about this day of St Valentine…whether they buy the bunch of red roses on the day is another thing.
Valentine’s Day, dating back to the 5th century, origins from the Roman holiday, and still sparks up the early and short month of February. The colour red, the flower rose, the heart shaped chocolates. Whatever the ideal, you cannot escape the red shaped balloons at every service station. A boost and insert of love and kindled spirit?… or a simple day, like every other, for all the lone rangers out there living their lives, as their own “one and only”.
However your valentines’ is being celebrated, or not celebrated in the case for some. St Valentines Day cannot be escaped, and as some may see it, a day destined for love, hugs and kisses with that special someone igniting the flame.
As the world turns red for the month of Feb, celebrate and show your love and affection for someone special in your life, or open up and be that secret admirer. No matter what it is, the love is felt and the world spins on its axis in a shade of rouge – all whilst “the big man” cashes in on all items brought for the magical day. Candy, chocolates, flowers, balloons, restaurants, hotels, and the obvious, the jewellers! All totalling up tills which are over crowed with receipts from eager lovers. A clever gimmick? Or a loving holiday reminding people that romance is never dead. Whatever your view, it’s just around the corner.
Happy Valentines to all that ingest it.❤️
By Aryana Vashisht

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Models: Jaye Newton x Jayla Smith
Photographer: @antsoulo


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