Overloaded with stress? Here’s what I do!


I used to make fun of this until I tried it. And now I have a comfy, pink mat ready to be used at any time. There’s this great youtuber I follow who creates a range of amazing yoga routines for all levels – beginners, intermediate, or professionals. Her channel is Sarah Beth Yoga.  Her routines are relaxing and really helps you stretch out your stressed out muscles as well as gives you a stronger mental stability.

I have been doing a lot of thirty minute flexibility routines since I really enjoy the stretches and becoming – at a lack of better words – bendy. I do this routine three times a week. But there are also ten minute relaxing routines to do in the mornings or before getting in to bed. She has a variety of selections for back pain, shoulder ache and everything in between.

For me, this helps me out incredibly when I’m stressed out. As I am going into warrior-pose, my mind is free and only thinking about my current situation and focusing on maintaining this pose. I feel like if my body is releasing tension, then so if my mind. Yoga isn’t for everyone, but no harm in trying it out, right?

Watching TV

This seems like a basic thing. But simply watching something you enjoy, something new or old and just reruns – can’t go wrong with a classic like Friends – helps you forget about your current problems and allows you to focus on something else. Sometimes you just need a good old distraction.


Now I know not everyone likes reading so this may not apply to all but to the book lovers out there, you know what I mean.

Immerse yourself in a novel and allow yourself to drift away from reality for a while – keep it consistent, like half an hour every day.

If you’re not into novels, then short stories, poetry, keep up to date with the news, whether it’s the latest political fiasco or the newest pair of shoes. Just read something to allow your brain to re-set and manage your problems one step at a time.

Healthy Eating

I don’t mean cut down from all things chocolate and fatty and dive into carrots and broccoli! I’ll be honest. I’m not crazy about healthy food. I’m a junk food kind of person – chocolates, Doritos, nutella right out of the jar, oily fries. Damn now that I made a list, it looks really bad. However, amidst all that deliciousness, I like to throw in a few fresh fruits and yoghurt. I also have a favourite vegetable: carrots. And on days that I’m feeling not so great about myself and really stressed, I try to eat better.

It’s more of a psychological thing – I believe if good food is going into my body, then it’ll help my brain and I’ll feel better. Try it – it might work for you, it might not.


As an aspiring writer and day dreamer, I practically breathe words. Does that make sense? Maybe not. Point is writing is my saviour, whether it’s immersing myself in my latest stories or poetry or writing in a journal, it helps me enormously.

For those who don’t write, writing helps in every way – it contributes to organisation and for me, if things are written out in front of me and my environment is organised, then my mind is organised and the stress eases a little. So grab a pen and make a list of all the things you need to do. Having it laid out in front of you really puts things into perspective.

And of course, there’s the most known one:

Surround yourself with your loved ones.

Spend the day in with your family or explore the world with your girlfriends. The world really is your oyster. If you’re stressed out, then get out of your house and go away from everything that stresses you out and reminds you of the world being weighed on your shoulders. Sometimes you just need to let loose and have fun – go grab a bite to eat, dig into your favourite dessert, go watch a movie, have a picnic, visit a museum. Sometimes all you need is a little fresh air and self-love.


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