As we welcome Spring into our wardrobes, let’s not forget to bring the fresh season into every aspect of our homes.
Whenever we’re fortunate enough to see long days of sunshine like this weekend, it’s worth creating a comfortable outdoor space for all the catchup and relaxation weekends may bring.
Longer days mean longer afternoons and more time to bask in the moment and all that is outdoors.
Having a great outdoor experience in your home doesn’t have to involve a huge makeover – of course, if you have the space and funds, your options are endless (look at our Pinterest Home Board for tons of inpsiration!).

Embracing the Outdoors



I suggest a good place to start is creating a good sitting spot outside.
Paired with a side table or stool, you can enjoy drinks, snacks and curl up with a good book while the afternoon blazes ahead.
Then grab a blanket – and some cushions.
Because the chills are not far behind the sunshine, fight the urge to run back inside and get cozy with an outdoor warming set.


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