Now that Christmas is in reaching distance it may be time to start thinking about spreading the festive feeling throughout your home. There are so many things you could do to introduce a hint of Christmas into your house or turn it into a version of Santa’s grotto. Here are a few ideas to get you started – and we’re going for a mix of subtle styling and the Christmas factory having had an explosion.

The Christmas tree:

Starts singing *Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree *
Right, start at the main event – the Christmas tree is the most important festive décor piece you could have in your home. Do I need to say more? The most important thing is deciding if the tree is going to have an obvious theme, for example red and white, red and green or just a mixture of decorations and lights. The presents underneath the tree look even better if they have a common colour/ theme with the tree (as seen in the photos). If this doesn’t make you feel festive, I really don’t know what will.
Christmas tree


So the next item is of course candles. These bring atmosphere through the soft lighting and delicious smells. Top tip – for Christmas the best smells are cinnamon, orange, spicy fragrances and pine needles.
However if you are fine with cheaper unscented candles you can buy the cheap as chips ones and/ or tea lights but seriously spruce them up and make them look amazing. With the use of glass jars, lanterns and candle holders ordinary looking candles are transformed, plus quite often if they are placed in glass it will distort the light and create patterns around the candle. All of these ideas will create a much softer flickering light than if it were placed in the open on its own.

Soft décor:

Soft décor includes cushions, throws and blankets. In my opinion this is what winter is for, having luxury feeling fabrics dotted around the house; perhaps a few tartan blankets over the back of the sofa, or some woollen cushions sitting in the armchair or sat on the bed. Recently I’ve notice a lot of tartan and also a type of herringbone print on throws and thick woollen blankets which would look gorgeous as a statement piece perhaps in a colour – a tone to match into the rest of the décor to give your room a very cosy feel. All that’s needed now is a roaring fire.
Soft decor

Fairy lights:

The last item I’m going to suggest is fairy lights. If as I say this you mind jumps to a young girls bedroom full of pink glittery fairy lights, let me change your opinion; you won’t regret it. Firstly a fairy light in a warm golden colour is the best at creating a softly lit atmosphere. (As seen in the photos) Simple lights on wire are the perfect set because they could work anywhere – in the living room, dining room – ready for Christmas dinner, bedroom or even in the kitchen. They also look beautiful piled into a large glass jar; this would be similar to the candles but a slightly different look.
Fairy lights also don’t technically have to come down after Christmas. They could stay up all year round; they could make a dinner party, birthday or summer BBQ look magical.
Christmas tree
There are of course many more pieces and items that could add a festive look to your home, but the four just talked about are perhaps ones that spring most to mind. Meaning they really add to the Christmas season by making our homes look festive and cosy, but also by helping ourselves to enjoy the cold months much more. Hopefully after this your house will look like a mix of subtle styling and an explosion in the Christmas factory.

Charlotte Smart
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