Super sky high heels have been the forefront of every girls ‘going – out’ wardrobe. Stumbling along the un-evened streets to your destination is just the beginning of the evening; whether it’s for a few casual drinks or a sensational dinner date, most evenings are spent staring at the floor as we take to the pavements! But in recent months, the slinky heel has made its way back onto the catwalks and highstreets.
And here is fashion repeating itself yet again through the years.
The smaller, slinky heel is back on our feet!
Being able to walk comfortably and still look sexy is a woman’s glam dream. From peep toe to open toe, the bare foot has bared itself once again. Gorgeous strappy heels have come back as the elegant must-haves of the end of the summer, and autumn has shown the rise in elegant footprints all over the world.
The sky-high-heel, with a platform to topple from, has slowly taken a back seat and given the streets and feet a rest! Stereotypical “Essex girls” and their over-the-top everything made a huge impact on highstreet fashion for a few good years. But as always most good things have to come to an end, and the elegant demiure side of sophistication has sneaked past the diamonte sky scrapers giving the empowered women all over the world back the saying of “less is more”.
Models all over the world have adapted to the foot fall of height in their heels. And the likes of Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell wear the strappy heel with such elegance…even if their feet are a slight size 10!
The shoe style mood has definitely changed over the past year. Glamourous and gorgeous 7inch heels have metaphormised into sleek and sultry 3-inches. So even though the nation of women have shrunk some what, the amount of sofistication oozing all over cities has heightened the rishest glamour of them all.
So girls make sure your feet are looking pretty before they are exposed in the upcoming Spring and Summer days again!


Seasonal ÒRÉ blog contributor.

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