The team wandered off to London Olympia in attempt to catch as much of the action as possible in just one day.
Twice a year, Pure London makes a great effort attracting clothing brands from all over the world to showcase their work to potential buyers. This year, we decided what better way to find hot brands and get a sneak peak at the styles coming out in the upcoming year?
If you’re thinking of going into buying and selling, or designing looks yourself, or looking for what to wear next, it’s worth having an idea of what’s hot and unique on the fashion scene – and get an idea of what sells.
We’ve selected a handful of our favourite brands from the day; their looks and markets vary, but all achieve a unique goal.

“ES’GIVIEN is a young artisan company created by three sisters from Verona (Italy) that produces high quality and exclusively handmade in Italy garments & accessories.” (PURE)
Their S/S15 modern look is achieved with natural materials; nettle, scuba and viscose. They keep it monochrome simple, using navy, black and white colours for the collection. 
“…specialises in luxury pret-a-porter and presents in each collection pieces that can be worn for events and special occasions (Made in Spain)”. (PURE)
We loved every single one of her A/W15 collection, playing on nude and white colours, mesh and pure cotton materials.
We had the pleasure of meeting Justicia, the designer, and she talked us through the detail and precision of each piece.
Y.A.S. , Denmark
This Danish brand emerged from under Vera Moda and re-branded as Y.A.S. (Your Apparel & Style) just 18 months ago.
“….[the] core collection is founded in our eternal passion for luxurious fabrics, contemporary shapes, modern lines and refined silhouettes.” (PURE)
The brand comprises of 3 major collections, intimates, sportswear and casual. They created a particular abstract shape which is manipulated into all their collections, distinguishing the brand amongst all clothing.
Our eyes fell heavily on the colourful S/S15 sportswear collection.
Y.A.S will be launching their sportswear collection in Topshop later this month, featuring equally awesome looks from the collection.
[wc_row][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”] YAS_sportsS:S15
This unique brand started out two years ago by a young couple in Hong Kong.
They’re looking to emerge on the European fashion scene, and we think their simple but defined cuts and modern classy edge gives them enough reason to have a home here.
Lantern Sense
Lantern Sense
Lantern Sense Lantern Sense
LAB & HAB, El Salvador
“…a brand for women who loves contemporary pieces with a story behind them” (PURE)
These work of art pieces are hand-made with cotton thread and linen, perfect to suit modern and authentic needs.
Run by a family company, the group pride themselves in the art form of fashion and design, stringing every piece to perfection

For stunning gowns and evening dresses…
Cost-effective fashionable wholesale pieces, great to add to any store stock!
Dead Lovers, Manchester UK
“…a trend led, independent, fashion brand For guys and girls, focused on bold prints and fierce graphics” (PURE)

These urban edgy looks stole our gaze at the catwalk, and some of the pieces are definitely worth snatching!
The 3-day event is 3 days for a reason, hopefully next time we’ll be able to cover more grounds!

©PureLondon Event Photography: Farwa H Qazalbash


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