Hey my Bisi Beauties! Winter is fast approaching and we need to get our (afro) hair in check! I’ve got my top 3 hairstyles to share with you to help get you through!

Box Braids With (or without) Extensions

Natural hair is such a blessing, but can be hard work . I love getting box braids as I can wake up in the morning without having to comb or brush my hair. You are free to experiment with different styles and add hair jewellery , I LOVE using gold clips and hoops to decorate. Fresh braids can ache so I recommend wearing them down or clipping a few braids loosely if you want them out your face. Once they loosen up a bit, you can do more styles, I do love doing a super cute braided bun (however I recommend once a week to avoid long term hairline damage). The key to keeping your braids looking fresh for as long as possible is moisturising your hair (i.e in all of your partings and your natural hair) and wrapping your hair at night with a silk scarf. When they begin to look a bit frizzy, I like to set my hair with ORS Olive Oil Wrap/Set Mouse then use ORS Nourishing Sheen Spray to moisturise as well as adding extra shine.

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Natural Plaits/Cornrows

Though I love box braids, I do need to let my hair have a break. I like doing styles using only my natural hair, for this, I like doing two large cornrows (or known as Dutch plaits) then tie the ends into a bun. This is a smart hairstyle I can wear to work and school, and comes really in handy for swimming! Box braids get really heavy when wet, as a swimming-enthusiast, it keeps my hair relatively neat and I can easily dry it. At night, I again use my mouse then wrap it with a silk scarf/bonnet, if I need to set it quickly when I’m going out, I hair dry my hair with the scarf on it ( hold the hair dryer not too close to your head to avoid damage to your scarf) which sets it super quick. Also, it’s always raining so I don’t run the risk of my hair puffing up too much and I can wear my hoods as when I wear my afro-puff I struggle!


I wear buns everywhere. Though it can take a huge toll on your edges, I try to at least wear my down afro at night. I try to avoid creams and lotions on my hair as I feel they don’t absorb well into my hair texture, so I steer towards more gels and oils. I cannot live without my ORS Olive Oil Glossing Hair Polisher which moisturises and makes my hair look healthy and glittery when applied. I then use ORS Edge Control around my hair line and to smooth my hair up into a high puff then style into a bun. I use these really great hairbands that are 99p from Savers called Fashion Essentials Hair Elastics 4pk, they are really good for thick hair. I lay my edges with edge control and a Cantu Thick Hair Edge brush and set them with my silk scarf.

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Hope this helps my Bisi Beauties!



(Feature image: Rihanna for Allure Magazine)

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