Period Hacks

In that dreaded time of the month, we ladies go through a rollercoaster of physical inconveniences (amongst emotional and hormonal changes). Here are some things to do when you’re feeling down.

Owning a hot water bottle is a must (love these hot water bottles from Amazon):
I get the worst case of cramps and damn that makes me the biggest grump in the world. With my short height and moody attitude, you can call me Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven dwarves.

Get into Yoga: I don’t mean complex routines but simple stretches. There’s this great youtuber I am following who is a professional at yoga. Her channel is Sarah Beth Yoga. I love her routines – there’s a range of them, including yoga for cramps and when you’re on your period. I’ve tried one of her ten-minute routine where I used a hot water bottle as a prop in the routine and it honestly made me feel a dozen times better.

Then… there’s dealing with the irregular bowel.
Some may think this is embarrassing to talk about and other women out there are yelling ‘hell yeah lets dive in to this and bring it out in the open’. Let’s face it, we’re either dealing with constipation or diarrhoea. There is no in between. Damn, the things women go through just to know that they’re not pregnant.

BUT, here’s a tip. If you have constipation, drink lots of water and increase your intake of fibre. Just taking Weetabix in the morning helps a great deal. And if you have diarrhoea and happen to be a coffee person, definitely cut back in that week since coffee has laxative effects.

And…. dealing with the outbreaks?
If you don’t get pimples and bad skin while on your period, you are one lucky lady. For the rest of us, try to treat yourself to a spa day right in your very home – steam your face, apply a good face mask (check out this L’Oreal face mask bundle!) and sit back, relax, eat chocolates and watch your favourite movie with your besties. It’ll soon be over!

Just some tips on what helps me on my period.
Let me know if you have any tips of your own!


(Feature image: Giannina Oteto / ph. Aris Jerome)


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