Eye make up can be one of the most important parts of make up and can be so versatile.

I am always being asked how I do my eye make up, so here is what I do, and some tips to getting those dramatic eyes.
I always start with my base, and using some of your foundation to cover over the lid of the eye gives a great base for any eyeshadow, and helps it last all day.
I then concentrate on the part under the eye, “the bags” the dark circles. Dabbing your foundation around the eye and giving it time to warm up and settle in on the face is key to hiding those dark circles.
Then using a thin liquid black eyeliner line the top of your lash line and add a slight flick to the end to create a slight cat eye, and this opens and defines the eyes. Also using a pencil eye liner to line the inside bottom line of your eye, which creates more of an intense look.
Sweep the lids with an eyeshadow with a shimmer, using a lighter golden shade to highlight the inside corners of your eyes and slightly more on the lower corner of the eye.
Now using a dusky deep pink shade to layer the eyes, above the lids around the top socket of your eyes. Now choosing to go for a smokey eye, use a dark eyeshadow and create a smokey look from the lash line of the top part of the eye on the outer sides, and smuding the pencil eyeliner underneath your eye for that softer look. Ensure the shimmer is still on the middle part of the lid and the darker shadow on the outside of the eyes. Now apply your false lashes, fanning out the eye and adding extra depth and lusture.
Finish off with dark mascara on the lower lashes and slightly on the false lashes on the outer and longest part of the lashes.
These glamorous eyes can be worn with a nude lipstick for a more subtle face with all the focus on the dramatic eyes, or finish off your lips with a deep shade of plum or a bright red for a really glamorous and sultry look.
Written by Aryana Vashisht


Seasonal ÒRÉ blog contributor.

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