You might work hard on your weight loss program before basking in the summer sunlight at beaches, but how many of you find such program enjoyable? Mostly the program starts at any point in spring where you are alert to the coming of summer. You get overwhelmed, digging out your fitness suits and yoga mat, writing down pre-summer resolution. Absolutely ready! Until you grab the gym membership card from the very bottom of your bag , and find that it has been long expired…

Tough as you are, you still work through it. An incredible photo of you in swimsuit becomes another victory account in summer. But then the motivation of exercise thins out as leaves turn red. Goes the summer, comes another winter. You are again conditioned to exclude workout from your rhythm of life.

So why not turn your weight loss goal from a monthlong impulse into a yearlong habit? Plus, the secret is that winter workout is more beneficial than you could possibly imagine. Here are three tips to get you out from the prison of fear and continue with long-run passion!


Break The Big Goals Into Small Chunks.

It applies to both situations where you plan out your workout routines and where you are in the middle of workout. While planning, try not to be overly obsessive to the ultimate weight loss goals, say, losing 5 % body fat or fitting in the jeans that have been ‘retired’ for countless years. Rather, try to focus on ‘what contributes to them’-1 hour yoga session does, so does 30 minute weight training. So cut your ultimate goals into pieces of  missions which you need to carry out weekly. And remember that any tiny improvements deserve a cheer. Likewise, while in a half marathon, do not let the number, 21km, bother you; alternatively, think about what kinds of pacing and body positioning can take you from 10km to the next, and the next.


Commercial Figures May Be Just Fantasies

For those women who aspire to replicate how models look on TV and social medias, with a strong conviction that no beautiful figure can be made without model-like appearance and life style, it is about time to wake up to the reality. The true fact is Victoria’s Secret Angels also love pizzas. They do not wake up everyday with a desperation to head to the gym. And they are just as humanely strong and vulnerable as we are. So be gentle with yourself whenever you feel any dread that tears you. It might sound strange. But go having a piece of cake, or whatever food you label ‘dangerous’, turns things back into ‘a piece of cake’ again!

You ‘Just Do It’.

The truth is: you will just be ready when you start it. So that makes ‘Just Do It’ into a panacea for most of your concerns. However, winter makes things harder, as we all know: bed is too comfy; body and heart somehow get fragile to fight. To overcome this, time management is always a must. For lifelong night owls, including me, the truth might hurt. Recently it dawned on me that kicking start workout might be easier for an early bird. Example: making some time to workout before work or school creates dopamine for the rest of your day. However, heavy workload might get you uninterested in something physical-demanding in the evening. Of course situation varies. But try to get your gym plan and clothes prepared the night before. Do not snooze. Think nothing and head to the gym in direct. Voila! A day unwasted!