As a sibling who shares a bunk bed and half my room, keeping my room tidy is a somewhat difficult job.

Here are some things I do to maintain a tidy room:

The first would of course be the main thing that makes up a bedroom: the bed. The first thing I honestly do right from waking up is tidy my bed. I literally tidy my bed while I am still in bed. It’s easy if you do it my way. Just sit up and fix your duvet – spread it across your bed neatly, fold or roll the front of the duvet up so that you’re not sitting on it and pile up your pillows the way you want at the head of your bed. I then just scramble out of bed and fix the little kinks and voila, it’s not perfect, but it makes my room look neat.

The next is the pile of clothes on that one specific chair you have in your bedroom dedicated to a mixture of worn out and clean clothes. I know it’s a bad habit we all occasionally have where we come home after a stressed day and change out of our clothes only to chuck it on that damn chair. It’s simple really. Just don’t throw your clothes so haphazardly on to the chair because once you place that first piece of garment down, next thing you know there is a giant pile of clothes dangerously tipping off the chair. Don’t even tempt yourself. When you come home, just put your clothes away instantly, either in the laundry basket or your drawers or leave it on a hanger to air out.

Keep those surfaces clean: I have a book shelf, a desk, and a dresser that I dust twice a week. It doesn’t even take five minutes of my time and is super easy. Just keep a duster or a pack of wipes in your room to whip out and wipe those surfaces down so that they are dust and stain free!

The little trinkets littered on your dresser. You know what I’m talking about – the lip balm, the pin pot, the hair brush, the ring drawer. Little things you use daily and so leave displayed on your dresser and yet by the time you leave for work in the morning, they are all displaced and look messy on the dresser. The quickest solution is to simply put things back straight after use exactly the way they should be. I wear lip balm and use eye drops every morning and right after use, I put them away neatly as they should be.

These simple and easy tricks should leave your bedroom looking neat and tidy when you come home from a busy day and step into your room!

Editor’s note:
It’s always worth investing in useful storage containers/tools that fit the aesthetic of your space and are a great for making mess look less-messy!

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