The Body Shop is my go-to brand for everything related to my skin. And as the colder temperatures sink in, it’s super important to keep your skin moisturised and clean!

Here is a list of great skincare items from The Body Shop to add to your collection or add to your Christmas gift list:

Body Brush

I purchased the Body Shop body brush about two months ago and was slightly apprehensive about using it. I always read reviews before purchasing anything. Some said it was quite rough on the skin and should be used as dry brushing while others said it’s awesome and should be used wet and in the shower. Here’s my thoughts: When I first used it, I thought it was really rough around my chest and stomach, however it was perfect for my legs. The bristles are thick and rough but I’ve realised if you let it soak in the tub, it softens up and brushes perfectly against your skin. It also really helps with in-growing hair and smoothes out the skin.

If your body is in need of a new body scrub, or glove, I definitely recommend this body brush!


Aloe Vera Night Cream:

Everyone knows Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties. I’ve been using this Aloe Vera night cream for just over a month and I think it’s been really helping my skin and building up tolerance to my face against irritation. I have really sensitive skin; even wearing makeup brings out horrible spots. Using this as a night mask has been working for me so far. I simply apply a generous layer on to my clean face and it does take a few minutes to soak into the skin and dry up. Upon awakening in the morning, I simply wash my face as I would usually do and effectively rinse away the residue of the mask.


Strawberry Body Wash:

I have been using The Body Shop Strawberry body gel for years. It smells magnificent and I love the texture. The gel instantly foams up my body and body glove/brush and I come out of the shower, feeling and smelling great. Out of all the body washes The Body Shop has to offer, this is definitely my favourite.


The Body Butter

I once asked a clerk “what is the difference between the body cream and the body butter?” She told me that the butter is much thicker and smoother and really moisturises your skin. I’ve experimented with a few of them – the coconut, strawberry, shear butter, mango, almond milk – and they are all just awesome. If you’re in search of a new moisturiser that will make your body smell and feel great, try The Body Shop Shea Body Butter.


Tea Tree Face Wash

Everyone says tea tree is the best thing to use for acne. Unfortunately, I am allergic! However, I know many people that have used this face wash and they said it really does reduce the spots and marks on your face. So if you want to try a new anti-acne face wash, try the Body Shop’s Tea Tree face wash or add this to your list!


Gift Sets:

One thing I love about the Body Shop is all the gift sets it has. From small boxes to large ones and cheap prices to expensive ones, there is a variety of gift choices in The Body Shop to surprise a friend with! Check out this Shea Essential Gift Collection!


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