Kate Moss x Topshop

After 4 years of silence, Kate Moss will be launching her designs for Topshop tonight at the Oxford St flagship shop in London, and will be available for online purchase from tomorrow!
The collection didn’t wow me, but any avid lover of tassels and fringes would feel right at home. I’m thinking Moss was going for a hippy – western look, with most eye-catching pieces either decked with fringes or laced with an odd aztec-y patterns.
I love the few matching sets from the Moss collection.
Great to see matching clothes making a comeback in fashion overall-there’s something glamorous about wearing the jacket made to match (not to mention it makes life easier not having to think about it yourself).

But what really stood out for me is the paisley print silk overcoat that also comes with a matching print wide-leg pair of trousers (which I personally would not wear together but Moss looked great!). I doubt overcoats could ever go out of style or season – plain or covered in print – and are always worth the purchase.
Worth noting are a few dresses in the collection also. The jewel bead overlay dress priced £600 may or may not be worth every penny, but it looks absolutely stunning!
Take a look at my personal favourites from the Kate Moss x Topshop collection!

-x- Joanna,
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