Mono x Work

Staying cute and effortless in work-attire can be quite burdensome and repetitive without the right inspiration. When it comes to workwear guides, we turn to some of our classic fashionistas, like @nadaadellex, for simple, smart and stylish for the week.
Nothing says “Spring” better than the opportunity to wear both all-white and all-black looks, which can also be remixed and revamped throughout the week by creating various white-and-black alternatives. White shirts (not just the boring school-uniform type) and dresses are absolute Spring/Summer wardrobe staples, so if you don’t have already, grab one – or three! And when it comes to black ensembles, just go crazy.
With work-styling, blending smart with comfort is essential. Depending on your work environment, you may be able to lean more on the “comfort” side, so soft black knits and smart denim would be ideal additions to your work-wardrobe.


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