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As we all know, it isn’t a matter of “Winter is coming” anymore. (Sorry for the clichéd reference to Game of Thrones). But it’s finally here. Winter is well and truly among us. And as this is my first blog, I find myself wondering what to write about related to this season as it’s such a general theme.
So as I strive to find my voice through these blogs for the next month and a half, today I am going to keep it fairly general. I ask myself,
“At this point in the season, what is it that women are looking for? What is it that women want right now? What is it that women are interested in reading about right now?”
Of course we are all unique and we all want different things, and if I am perfectly honest, most of the time we have no idea about what we want…well I don’t anyway being a recent graduate not really knowing where my next step in life is going to be. But that’s a different story…
Today I’m going to come up with a list. A general list to sum up a few things that I think us women want/need to do over the holidays. The things that I think will make us happy.
My highlights and suggestions may not appeal to everyone but hopefully it helps out some of you lovely ladies.
Here goes!

1. Getting that Christmas Shopping done and dusted

We all know it’s a hassle thinking about what to get everyone for Christmas. If you’re anything like me, it’s always an issue trying to find presents for the men in my life! But if you can help it, don’t leave it till the last minute. That way you avoid the stress of crazy Christmas Eve shoppers and if you give yourself enough time, you’ll be sure to have gotten the special people in your life their perfect gifts.

2. Keeping up a good skin care regime

beautyIt may not be one of the main things on your list but it should be! This colder weather affects you and your body a lot more than you think; and in particular your skin. The cold wintery winds can particularly dry out your skin so I’d recommend using richer moisturising products for both your face and body. Personally I use the Simple Brand’s rich moisturiser for my face and the Dove limited edition Winter care Moisturiser for my body.

3. Keeping up a regular exercise regime

Whether you’re an absolute gym fiend or the complete opposite, a bit of exercise can be exactly what you need to make you feel that little bit better. I know it’s cold and everything feels like A LOT more effort. But believe me when I say that whether you do 10 minutes or 50 minutes of Cardio every few days, it’ll make you feel that little bit better about yourself.

4. Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet

Of course I know it’s Christmas and let’s face it, other than the time for sharing, the Christmas season is the time for FOOD , food and more food. I love food so trust me when I say that the title of this section does sound ridiculous at first glance. But eating healthy and having a balanced diet doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself from some of the finer dining’s in life. Being healthy isn’t about dieting. It’s about everything in moderation. Eat chocolate, eat sweets, eat that Christmas pudding but just make sure to get a good balance on your fruit and vegetable as well as your carb and protein intakes. But remember, chocolate and sweets etc. aren’t the only treats in the world. (Christmas day can be the exception of course).

5. To buy or not to buy new outfits for Christmas, New Years and the Office Party

As the year comes to an end, what do we do but celebrate right? And finding that perfect outfits for all of these events is always a bit tricky. I remember the days of having a student loan and a part time job and savings. I’d buy a dress for almost every night I’d go out! Of course, life isn’t that simple these days so maybe treat yourself to a new dress or a couple of tops and skirts etc. But for those on a budget, the key is to accessorise or mix and match different tops with shorts and skirts etc.


6. And finally, finding that special someone…or not

Yes it would be lovely to have that special someone, especially during the holiday period. And if you already have that significant other, than make sure to make the most of your time with them this winter. The Christmas season in always the perfect time to give that little bit extra to your relationship. However if you are single (like myself) don’t stress about not having anyone. If it happens it happens. But if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. The holiday season is about spending it with the people you love, partner or no partner. Don’t find someone just because you feel you have to. Finding someone in time for Christmas is just the cherry on top of the cake. But even if you don’t have the cherry, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the cake 😉
So anyway, these are a few suggestions I have for the upcoming holiday period to make it a bit easier, enjoyable and I guess efficient. But hey, not everything will go to plan, it never does. But see this list as a guideline. I’m sure a lot of you will make excuses and sometimes doing all of these things won’t be likely with the busy modern woman’s lifestyle. But just attempt to, set yourself goals, even if the above don’t match your lifestyle. You can do this! And by doing it, hopefully you’ll make this holiday period a bit easier and enjoyable. I wish you all one to remember!

By, Crystal Rodrigues
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