So, it’s that time of the month again…
If Mother Nature gives you a hard time every month, read on.
You’re probably used to restless nights as your aching belly constantly wakes you up mid sleep; all you want to do is cuddle your hot water bottle and crawl back under the duvet, snuggling your teddy bear until the pain reduces. You can hear yourself moaning to the anguish; you hope and pray that the pain fades away as you fall asleep, but you often lie awake for hours rubbing your tummy and legs endlessly.

When you are at work or out and about, the pains begin all over again.
Your back in absolute agony and your thighs feel like something heavy is slamming against them. Sometimes your body begins to shake uncontrollably and on the odd occasion it perspires due to the pain. Now you really feel repulsive, but can’t do anything about it. You just wait for it to pass as quickly as possible. In some cases, that ‘quickly’ lasts more than a day.

After that warm mug of hot chocolate and all the teas you could find to make you feel better, nothing has helped with the aches and pains. You may have even tried your favourite box of chocolates, but after the first few you feel like vomiting. You may have swallowed those painkillers countless times, but nothing seems to make the slightest bit of difference.

Period pains can excruciating and they bring with them emotions that run high and spoil that good mood. Some women get severe pains, whilst others rarely have any at all. Pains can often lead to a miserable day if they continue. The body feels low in energy and many a times, the appetite vanishes as well.

Personally, after trying various painkillers and hot drinks and even a hot water bottle to soothe myself from this continuous anguish and discomfort, I came across something herbal that purged me of the torturous period pains for at least a few hours. The pain seemed to have gone down within the next thirty minutes to an hour which lifted my spirits and gave me the energy to get up and move around without having to wince due to uneasiness. The remedy had always been there; hiding away in the kitchen cupboard. That herbal remedy was: turmeric milk.

Turmeric is a spice that is native to Southern India and Indonesia. However, many traditional cultures have used this spice and introduced it around the world as well. This spice has been harvested for 5,000 years and has been used to treat medical issues in the past, along with being a vital ingredient in many mouth watering dishes.

Turmeric has many health benefits. It is an effective treatment for bowel disease, it is used to treat those that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, it aids cystic fibrosis sufferers and it is a used to prevent cancer from occurring in the human body. In addition, turmeric improves the function of one’s liver and cardiovascular system, it lowers cholesterol and is often referred to as a treatment for protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

Most importantly, it is a good source of pain relief for aches and pains, such as menstrual pains.

The recipe to make this quick, easy and efficient hot drink will get rid of period pains faster than any drug will. It just takes a few ingredients to get your body back to feeling like its old self during the torment of the monthly cycle.

Turmeric Milk


    • I cup milk
    • ½ tsp turmeric powder (try this organic one from Amazon!)
    • 1tbs honey


  1. In a pan, boil the milk and turmeric for approximately 10 minutes, until it is mixed well.
  2. After the milk has boiled, pour in a mug and add the honey.
  3. Drink whilst it is still warm so that you can get the full benefit of the drink.

Hopefully, your pain will decrease, making you feel less achy. Drink another cup before you go to bed so that you get a peaceful sleep without having to wake up to pains during the night.

Here’s to overcoming PMS!

Editor’s Note:
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