Staying focused during your weight loss journey may not always be so easy.
Sometimes you can lose focus and start to turn left instead of right – more carbs instead of less; more sleep instead of exercise…
Well, with some motivation and determination, there are tons of ways you can keep yourself on track and reach that goal of becoming a better you.
In this article, I will share five ways to keep on track and stay focused on your weight loss journey.

  1. Make A Shopping List

Yes! You read that correctly; make a shopping list.
Believe it or not, one week’s worth of shopping is enough to keep you going and remain focused on achieving your goals. How? Well, when you sit down and really think about healthy foods you need to buy in order to stay fit and healthy, it really helps in reminding you of why you are trying to lose weight in the first place. Whether your list contains fish, milk, fat free yogurt or fruit and vegetables; making that shopping list will remind you about your focus and keep you on track. It will keep you motivated and determined. I have personally tried this myself and it has worked for me. Going out and taking that shopping list with me, motivated me more that anything and I am certain that it will work for you too! So, get that pen and paper ready and make a list of healthy choices and go out and buy them!

  1. Make A Weekly Diet Chart 

To effectively create your shopping list, you will need to devise your own diet chart. Knowing and preparing the meals that you will have in the coming days in advance will give you the will power to keep going and get creative. It is a bit like ticking a check list; you can check off what you’d like to eat during the week. Being in control of your diet, will aid you in not falling off the wagon. I have tried this myself and it helped me stay focused on my weight loss journey. Write out a diet plan for one week. Stick it on your fridge, so that you can constantly remind yourself that this week is full of delicious healthy choices!

  1. Wake Up Early/Don’t Sleep Late

Sleep is very important.
Sleeping on time and waking up early are both a part of a healthy lifestyle. How can you achieve your goals if your sleeping pattern is not great? Always sleep on time and wake up early in order to have a productive day. Waking up early will give you enough time to eat your meals at the right hours and leave you sufficient time to exercise during the day. If you sleep in the early hours of the morning and wake up midday then you have already missed breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. This is where laziness kicks in.  Get a better night’s sleep for an even greater day tomorrow! Whether you have an early start to your day or not, get into the habit of having an early start to the day with enough time to enjoy breakfast. Try it and see how your focus is fully diverted to achieving those goals with enough TIME!

  1. Don’t Miss A Workout

Leading on from waking up on time and sleeping early, comes the importance of not missing out on your workout. It is vital to exercise at least 3-4 times a week, if not more; it all depends on you and how much you are willing to push yourself and what your exact health goals are. Just like eating healthy is an important part of losing weight and staying focused on your goals, exercise is equally important. So, once you have your workout planned, try not to miss any or go more than three days without any exercise.
Missing a workout will make you become sluggish – and once you miss one, you miss more. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that the more I exercised during the week, the more I remained focused on my weight loss journey. Working out gave me motivation to keep going. Not only motivation, but it also made me more energetic. Sweating for that hour kept me going and pushing me further. If that worked in my favour, then I am positive it will work in yours too!

  1. Set Yourself Goals

Set yourself goals.
Without goals you’d fall off very fast because every step you take is based on the goal you have set. Whether those are daily goals, weekly goals or even monthly goals; set them! Setting yourself a goal will definitely keep you focused. If your goal is to burn a certain amount of calories per day, then do all that you can to burn those calories and achieve that goal. If your goal is to wake up early and go for a run then make sure that you are sleeping early and set that alarm in order to wake up for that run. If your goal is to lose 2 pounds in a week then push aside any negative thoughts and work hard to lose those 2 pounds. You can do it! Setting myself goals helped me remain more focused. It is kind of exciting if you think about it. I thought of it as a competition between me, myself and I, which kept me going and made me stronger as an individual. It can and will work for you too!
I hope that this article has been helpful for those struggling to stay focused during their weight loss journey!
Good luck!


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