“I’ll start on Monday…”
How many times have you told yourself the above statement?
Sadly, that Monday comes and goes frequently. It’s just like the last Monday and the one before that; yet you are still not exercising. You feel disappointed and ashamed. You feel unattractive when you gaze at your reflection. You wear baggy clothes to hide what others can’t perceive but that doesn’t make the situation any better, nor does it hide the fact that you ought to bring yourself to do what you should have done weeks or even months ago.
Only you can do it.
No one else is going to make that leap for you.
There is only so much another person can do to push you towards making a change. You are certain that the only way you can bring yourself to exercise is by becoming a member of that gym your friends continuously boast about.
The gym can be an exciting place for a person, but for some it can be a trial and tribulation. Hesitating in regards to joining the gym at first is perfectly normal for many people. You may already feel extremely self conscious about your weight, but even more so when it comes to exercising around complete strangers. Having never exercised using such facilities in the past can make you feel uncertain about what to do or how to use a certain machine in the beginning. However, all the negativity can be altered if you just give it your best chance.
There is nothing to be ashamed of once entering the gym. You can turn your life around. Don’t let your mind stop you from giving your body what it needs. Each and every person working out is there for the same reasons; to get fit and remain fit and healthy. People may stare at you, or they might not. Don’t think about the people around you. Instead, focus wholeheartedly on yourself. Remain persistent on shaping a better you in the weeks and months to come. The fact that there is someone on the treadmill next to you should not become a barrier between you and exercise. It is just your mind making excuses and delaying your goals.
If you have never exercised then I can promise you that the first few times you do, your body will feel pain like never before. You will feel battered and bruised and ache all over. However, keep going and make your body used to exercising more than once a week. After the first 10-14 days, your body will become partial to its new routine and working out will become embedded in your lifestyle. You will actually enjoy it and want to go back for more.
Most gyms offer personal trainers as well.
A personal trainer will guide you through the various gym equipment provided. By seeking advice from a personal trainer, you will become familiar with the types of exercises you need to partake in for different parts of your body.
Remember that they will not judge you or make you feel segregated. They are there to help you! Don’t be shy about asking your personal trainer questions regarding health and fitness; that’s what they are there for.
To keep yourself from getting bored of the same routine on the treadmill or cross trainer, dig a little deeper and join a mixture of fitness classes. Try Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or even circuits.  The more your body perspires, the more fat you burn; and at the end of the day, you are shedding those pounds.  Familiarise yourself with diverse types of exercise methods and enjoy them at the same time.
Have an IPod or music on your phone? Take it to the gym! Music helps the body relax and feel comfortable, so play your favourite tunes whilst you walk, run or climb stairs! Plugging your earphones in will keep you determined and motivated in accomplishing a great workout. You don’t have to stop there! If you have an internet connection available on your phone, then watch your favourite shows or even a film as you are cycling away. It really works!
What is more, you can take your desired magazine or book with you. Many people like to read whilst juggling a number of things, so why not work on your body and read at the same time? Give it a go!
Remember that you have to start somewhere in order to reach your destination. Making yourself comfortable at the gym will open many closed doors for you. You never know who you will meet on your journey. Maybe you will make very good friends if you step foot into the gym.  Perhaps, many months from now you will inspire people. Someone may look up to you and say: “You did it! I want to be like you. You are my role model”.  One thing is for certain, you will never know if you don’t push yourself to the limit. So, wash away those negative thoughts and join the gym. It is a battle that you should face and will definitely win.
Don’t wait for another Monday to make a change!
Do it now!


Seasonal ÒRÉ blog contributor.

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