So, it’s half-way through the year and somehow the pounds have piled on and the weight-loss plan has been abandoned once again.
Motivation from New Year’s resolution is wearing thin and you’re on your third “cheat day” already this week.
How many times have you told yourself – “I will start tomorrow”?
How often do you look in the mirror and feel dissatisfied with lack of progress?
Well, you have only yourself to blame.
No honestly, only you can make the change you desire.
No one else is going to get up and make that change for you. But if you truly want to jump back on the right track, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and just – well, just do it!

Let go of all negative energy enclosing around you and surround yourself with positive vibes and goals.
It is never too late to make that change and begin your weight loss journey. Take baby steps. Find a workout/weight-loss programme that suits your lifestyle and stick to it! Obviously, you can’t just wake up one morning and expect yourself to start eating healthier or working out on a whim. It’s much easier to follow a plan. Sometimes you will feel like giving up, but never do that. In time, when you let go of unhealthy habits and start making your body more active, you will realise that this was in fact what you needed.

Inspiration – Lucy Watson Instagram: @lucywatson

When I am feeling down in the dumps about my weight, I constantly tell myself these things:

  • I will put 100 per cent effort in from now on
  • I will sit down and make a list of reasons why I am on this weight loss journey
  • I will push all obstacles aside and do what is best for me
  • I will make healthier choices
  • I will never give up. Instead I will try harder
  • I will reach my goal very soon

Start your weight loss journey today and make that change for self betterment!
You’re not alone!


Seasonal ÒRÉ blog contributor.

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