The Art of Walking.
Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It not only keeps the body active and tackles those swings of laziness, but it also helps towards weight-loss and calorie-burning.
Just walking thirty minutes a day, 3-4 times a week, does a whole lot of good for the body and mind. Being out in the fresh air helps you think and relax and most importantly, let go of all the stress you left behind at home.
In this article, I will share five ways of taking full advantage of walking. Whether you are just a beginner who wants to start walking to shed a few pounds or a regular walker; these five ways of walking might be just what you need.

  1. Take a Friend

Walking may not always be fun when you are doing it alone. Sometimes you just need the company; someone to talk to whilst you are on a walk. So why not take a friend with you? You don’t have to go around the neighbourhood or even the park on your own; every now and then a little bit of company lightens your mood when outside in the fresh air. Moreover, if you are just starting off and want to walk in order to lose a bit of unwanted weight, then having a companion on your walks might just motivate you to leave the house and complete that walk you so eagerly want to do.

  1. Dog Walking

If you don’t own a dog, but you have a particular like for dogs, then why not look around the area and see if anyone needs a dog walker? You will be surprised at how many people are looking for someone to volunteer to walk their dogs. Not everyone has the time to take their dogs for a walk every day, so you could be helping somebody else out whilst benefiting yourself too. Dog walking provides many health benefits to the human body as well. Walking a dog a few times a week can have a positive impact on your cardiovascular fitness, build strong muscles and bones and even lower blood pressure. Dog walking also decreases stress which every individual faces from time to time. So, why not let go of that unwanted strain and stroll around your area or park with a dog?

  1. Let the Music Take You

If you don’t like the noise of the outside world ringing in your ears whilst you are walking, then play some music to put your mind at ease. Music enables the body to relax. Hence, when you plug those earphones in, you block all the negativity and sound and only focus on what your ears can hear. Studies have come to the realisation that music during an exercise such as walking is in fact very advantageous. It is not only a way to improve results by acting as a tool for motivation and a distraction from fatigue, but it can also make you smarter and improve lung function in the body. Walking doesn’t always have to be done with your feet; sometimes it is all right to let the music take you on an adventure to free your mind and body. Let go and let the music do the walking!

  1. The Mother and the Stroller

You gave birth to a beautiful baby a few months ago, but you’ve still got that baby weight to get rid of. You feel unattractive due to your flabby belly and thighs, but you barely get any time to exercise at the gym as you are a new mum and the responsibilities are endless.  The time you spend at home is with your little one and every second is precious and each moment counts. However, if you so desperately want to get back in shape, then there is definitely something that you can do about it. Why not take yourself and your baby out for a walk in the stroller? That way you won’t lose any time you want to spend with your baby. Instead, you will be helping yourself lose weight and familiarising your child with the outside world. If you burn around 250-500 calories on a walk daily, it will help you to lose half a pound or even a full pound a week, depending on your pace.

  1. Make Changes to Your Route

So, you take the same route every day. Your eyes are tired of looking at the same things day in and day out. Changing your walking route is very useful, especially if you are a daily walker. Familiarising yourself with other places for walking can actually help you enjoy and stay focused during your walk.  Also, it will not make you sluggish, which can tend to happen if you don’t like what your eyes see. A good way to find suitable walking routes is to browse the internet. If you prefer a quieter area then there are plenty around – you just need to search for them. You could also drive to your desired destination; whether that is a park or the woods and take advantage of the privileges there. There is so much that could keep you walking and make your walk more pleasant, rather than walking around the same place every day and boring your eyes.
So here’s to walking in all it’s healthy and stress-free bliss!
Happy Walking.
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