Sugar cravings!
We all have them.
Having a sweet tooth and trying not to add weight is one of those daily battles one has to conquer. It’s difficult not to give into that impulse when realistically; you should be watching what you eat.
Chocolate bars, ice creams, donuts, waffles and even milkshakes are included in this sugar rush dilemma. We all know that we shouldn’t over-eat, but taking a sip of that delicious Oreo Milkshake or breaking into that oozing chocolate muffin is just too tempting. The temptation continues and before you know it, you’ve consumed far too much sugar and that belly begins to bulge. Continuously consuming sugar without a second glance can lead to health issues in later life, such as diabetes. Logically, no one wants to fall into that category of having health issues due to too much sugar intake.
However, if you want to take control and make healthier choices then all you need to do is look beyond the usual food shelves in order to seek it and grasp the opportunity with both hands outstretched. There is always a way to find a substitute for the things you crave. If you don’t have any idea on how to stop, not to worry, this article will give you a few examples on how you can manage this.

Ice cream

As many are aware, ice cream is made from various unhealthy ingredients. These ingredients range from sugar to full fat milk along with many hidden and added preservatives which are not so great for the human body.
Ice cream is enjoyed by all ages. Think of a hot summer’s day; the warm breeze hitting your face as you lick or bite into that mouth watering Cornetto or a Ben and Jerry’s tub of delight. At that moment your body is consuming not only unnecessary calories, but fats as well. “But it’s warm” some might say. “I need something cold to cool me down” others might protest. Cravings for ice cream can be substituted in many ways. One of those ways is by making fresh, homemade fruit smoothies. All you need are a few ingredients to make yourself a glass of freshness to fill you up and energise that melting body.
Take a strawberry and banana smoothie for instance:
10-12 strawberries
1 banana
½ cup fat free yogurt
2-3 ice cubes
1 tbs honey (optional)
2 tbs peanut butter (optional)
Place all of the ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth and creamy.


Be it breakfast or dinner, many enjoy the taste of those soft pancakes drizzled with hot chocolate sauce or golden syrup.
Ever thought of trying it in a totally different yet appetizing way?
Here is a simple recipe that is not only light and healthy, but tasty as well. Most importantly, it satisfies those sugar cravings altogether.
1 banana
1 egg
1 tbs honey (optional)
1 tbs coconut oil/olive oil
Berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)
Whisk the egg. Then mash the banana in the egg mixture until it is mixed well and free from lumps. Heat 1 tbs of either coconut oil or olive oil in a frying pan and pour in the pancake mixture. Cook on low heat; each side for a 3-5 minutes, or depending on how well done you want the pancakes.
Once cooked and placed onto the plate, drizzle honey and/or berries over the pancakes.
There you have it! Pancakes that are free from flour, unnatural sugar and all the preservatives you would find on your plate usually.
Eating healthy is far better than filling your body with bad foods everyday isn’t it?
This article will now leave you with the last food for thought.


Just 3-4 dates instead of that bar of Snickers or Kit Kat can fill you in an instance. Dates can be eaten just out of the box, but they also taste delicious with other foods. One can add dates to oats/porridge, yogurt or even in a nutty salad. Eat dates as a snack or for breakfast with that warm cup of coffee instead of a bagel or toast.
Eating healthy and right doesn’t have to be boring. Pushing aside those sugar cravings won’t have a negative impact on you; instead consuming the right foods and natural sugars will give you more energy every day and help with not only with your immune system, but digestive system as well.
Try it for yourself. You can’t go wrong. The options are available, but the choice is entirely yours.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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