The Coffee Craze
The coffee bean.
A small and simple bean that gives so much joy and energy to the whole world.
The rich taste and luxurious dark brown jewels of coffee beans are ground down and produced all over the world into our morning pick me up.
The full bodied bitter flavour is the first thing that some of us reach for in the morning. Caffeinated, decaffeinated, flavoured or classic. The Americano has become more than just a southern drink of the world. Glamourous, cultural, young and old; coffee is making its stance and it’s presence against the English tea.
Amateur baristas all have their own style of coffee machine included in their standard”whites goods”. Toasters and coffee machines, a homely haven for anybody, and for some, a necessity. From Fragrant South American, to Irish naughty coffee.All the coffee lovers out there will know when I say, you just can’t see your life without it!
Coffee first appeared in the thirteenth century from East Africa. And the popularity and regularity of it has become so prominent. Coffee shops and caffè teires have become such a stamp on society that to not have a coffee shop near by,would be a travesty.
So coffee lovers out there, raise your cup! And here’s a cheers to the wonderfully divine flavour and goodness we drink everyday!
Happy Coffee Drinking 🙂


Seasonal ÒRÉ blog contributor.

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