It is no secret that women want to feel sexy and look good, and trying out all the “fad diets” has become a ‘normal’ and popular routine within the female eating regime.
Trying to lose those extra pounds seems forever necessary, whether it be for the looming and upcoming big parties, or for those blushing brides wanting to look elegant and streamline on their special day. Thankfully, one good thing which has come into full force on the weight-loss scene outside the ‘quick fix’ programmes, is in fact an appreciation for a lifestyle of fitness and good nutrition.
Fitness and nutrition has become the new lifestyle choice of many women today. Professional women now find the time to fit a healthy regime into their busy schedules, and busy mums are incorporating fitness and healthy eating into their homes.
And exactly how has fitness and nutrition overtaken the quick fix and fad diets? Images of various strong, defined and toned women are competing with the typical “model” body-type, resulting to more women aiming to “bulk up” – “get fit” – and “flexible”.
Perceptions of beauty and of a perfect female body are changing. Social media has a huge part to play in the way the female form is seen; Instagram for example, has become extremely popular and used by fitness models, trainers, health cooks, and the aspiring user.
Indeed, young girls were once encouraged to be “thinspired” by the catwalks which caused controversy within fashion politics, and the topic of magazines relaying an un-natural and unrealistic form of the female body to young impressionable girls became a huge topic of discussion. A rise in the amount of under weight and anorexic adolescents was at the forefront of the media.
But has the new tightly formed woman overtaken the look and crave for the catwalk form?
My personal experience with social media sites is that every next click is of a new life-changing product; an aid in weight loss and fitness, or an annoyingly perfectly formed person! I’m forever receiving gym offers by all the competitors and seeing pictures and posters with the fitter woman as the focus. As a woman, I want to feel stronger and look stronger; it oozes independence. It’s a lifestyle.
Bodybuilding and nutritional fitness models seem to be making their stamp on the beauty market at the moment. And looking fitter and stronger has tread-milled its way through to all generations. More people are working out, and eating healthier. And being the envy on your social media site with “selfies”, showing off your flat and toned stomach is the new green-eyed monster. Beauty queens and glamour models are even turning to fitness modeling more to enhance their profile if the fitness world.
Lifting weights and squatting is no longer dreaded by the nation, but has become an inspiration. The “squat challenge’ and eating healthy “ab showing’ meals has become the new cabbage water diet. And daily gym visits have become the new daily lunch dates. Ladies that usually lunch are now quickly becoming Ladies that “crunch”. Are the upcoming bicep queens over taking the glamour and beauty queens for good? No longer parading your collarbones but showing off your firm glutes in your bikinis.
It is clear that the female species are giving the men a run for their money, quite literally. And the nutritional recipes and regular eating plans have raced past the faddy diets and Atkins faithful. Making way for the new and improved female race. And if the men didn’t have to watch out before, for the reign in superiority between the sexes, things have continued to change…let the battle commence!
By Aryana Vashisht
Edited by J.


Seasonal ÒRÉ blog contributor.

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