If you like my previous articles, ‘Weight Loss: Make Your ”Summer Body” Your ”All Year” Body’ and ‘My Winter Challenge: Go Sugar-Free’ , then I’m sure you will’be interested in what I’m gonna offer! I hope by this point you all have been inspired and determined to treat your body, inside and outside, better and gentler. But I know to put your thought into practice is to get over the hump. Running seems way too sweaty. Swimming sounds terribly cold. Any reason that can be improvised, you name it.

Some people refer to these as mere excuses. But something ignored is that these seemingly excuses contain a slight trace of your true feeling. And to convert workout into a lifelong passion, your true feeling should never go underestimated. So to help you find what you really love, here I have a variety of nontraditional workouts, doing which your’d hardly drain out of your passion and energy.

These workout types are highly efficient, with strong effect of burning calories. So for those who consider exercise time-consuming, here are what’d transcend your thoughts!

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is a workout pattern highly adaptable to various kinds of exercises. ‘Interval’ means the alternation between intense workout and resting mode. This is what I practiced at the very beginning of my workout journey, which turns out to set for me a greatly satisfactory foundation. Remember to push yourself to the limit when you are at work. In this case, HIIT demands your body to get adapted quickly and flexibly to two extreme conditions, which is why within a short while its level of exhaustion could reach that of, say, one-hour jogging. Here is an example demonstrated.

Do 30 SQUAT JUMPS-Rest for 30 seonds-Do 20 BURPEES– Rest for 30 seconds-Do 40 PUSH UPS.

And repeat for 5 times.

Feel free to modify your times and adapt it to some other equipment. In this case, treadmill is a good companion! You can do, for example, 30 seconds sprint-30 seconds jogging/walking; and repeat as more as you like.

For another example, see my favorite Instagramer, Whitney Simmons.

Emom: Every Minute on Minute

Emom indicates the pattern in which you finish a fixed sets of workout within each minute.

For example, you aim to do 20 SQUATS and 10 SPLIT LUNGE JUMPS within one minute.

Do it as quickly as possible and the remaining seconds turn into your time to rest. In other words, the crazier you go on, the more time you earn to rest. Then, as the way yo do HIIT, repeat whatever times you like.

For another example, see my favorite channel, The Body Coach TV.


CrossFit is what with which I always keep a love-hate relationship. It is what drives me insane due to its difficulty, but therefore what grants me an amazingly high level of sense of achievement. CrossFit involves diverse kinds of functional movements such as pull ups, squats, weight lifting, running, rowing and so far and so on. There is no actual and fixed time to rest in the midst of work out. You take a very short break, such as 15 seconds, when you get fatigued and try to be amazing again. Basically people tend to get their workouts timed, so they could always track how much their have improved.

For examples, see two of my favorite Dirty 30 (simplified) and Filthy 50 (advanced).


To combat the extreme chill of this winter, warm up your body by trying these workouts!


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