ÒRÉ joined Debenhams @ Oxford Street and a few bloggers celebrate 50 years of Faith, the shoe brand, on Tuesday (30th September).
The hanging shoes display was the most creative way to showcase the upcoming January 2015 collection on the left and a some current shoes already in store on the right… not the mention the centre piece balloon model showing off the official Faith Birthday shoes!
We loved it! #Faithis50

Faith is 50

Cheers to Faith! The official 50th Shoes
Cheers to Faith!The official 50th Shoes 
Once we eventually found the press room, we were amazed at how an office was transformed into ultimate shoe heaven – with the help of yummy cupcakes and champagne on our arrival.
Faith is 50
Farwa and I chatted up some bloggers while filling up on canapes.
I was surprised at the number of bloggers who hadn’t heard of Faith up until then – but I must credit my knowledge of Faith (and all the other brands in Debby) to all the shopping trips I spent with mother in Debenhams. Owning several pairs myself, I find the shoe brand to be one of my favourites as far as a high-quality, worth-every-penny, gotta-have-a-decent-pair-of-shoes brand goes. While Faith accommodates for glamour evenings, date nights and Ladies Nights Out, you can also find a casual (sturdy) pair of boots for everyday affairs.
Our favourite from the new Faith collection out in January 2015!
Our favourite from the new Faith collection out in January 2015!
Some more from the new Faith collection!
Some more from the new Faith collection!
It was fun celebrating Faith, and I’m excited the brand is reaching out to a wider audience through events like this.
After a few more snaps and giggles, I headed straight to Sharifa’s nail bar to get dolled up.
I couldn’t resist a (free!) mani.
Getting mani'd up by @SheriPieNailz
Getting mani’d up by @SheriPieNailz
Thanks @BloggingGals for the invite, and to Stephanie and the rest of the Press Team at Debenhams for putting together this fun night!
Faith is 50

©Images: Farwa H

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