I love facial products and simple things that keep my face moisturised and feeling clean. I’m not a makeup person but I’ve been exploring a range of facial products since I was twelve. I had to start from an early age given that I had the worst case of teenage spots, unfortunately. But now my skin is better and healthier and that’s because I have a routine I strictly follow.

Here is a list of beauty products I use that make me feel refreshed even when I feel like the world is on my shoulders:

Blackhead suction remover

I’ve recently purchased a black-head suction kit from Amazon (something like this) and will soon be buying a facial steamer to complete the package deal. With this sweet duo that you can use monthly, you don’t need to spend an unnecessary amount of money on getting facial treatments done. This deep facial cleansing kit will last you years.


L’Oreal Paris Clay Masks

I’ve been using this brand for six months now, dedicating myself to their clay masks and they’re honestly great. They have five clay masks to choose from: the purity mask, the blemish mask, the brightening mask, the glow mask and the charcoal mask. (You can also get all 5 masks as a bundle from Amazon!) Each of their masks contributes to fixing different things for your skin.

I use two masks. The blue blemish mask which tightens my pores and eradicates marks and blemishes. And the yellow brightening mask which evens out my skin tone. I use each of these once a week and so I give myself two facial treatments a week.

A great thing about the Loreal Paris masks is that you can use all the masks at the same time for different parts of your face. For example, the red glow mask on your cheeks to give you a natural blush and the brightening mask on your chin to illuminate your skin tone.


Vitamin C Face Wash from the Body Shop

I’ve been using this face wash for two months now and I love it. I use it every morning and it’s just awesome knowing that my skin is refreshed on a daily basis.


Facial Buffer from the Body Shop

This facial buffer has been doing wonders to my skin – keeping it smooth, taking away dryness, cleaning deep into my pores. The spongy texture is rough enough to fix the blemishes on your face and yet soft enough to be used daily. Just match it with your daily face wash and your morning is off to a great start.


Drops of Light Brightening Serum from the Body Shop

This serum is amazing. It’s definitely been keeping any sudden spots appear less red on my face. The texture is not oily and it doesn’t make your skin greasy and feels kind of like water but hydrates the skin greatly. I feel like it has been illuminating my skin and evening out my skin tone so this would definitely be a great purchase.


It’s worth investing in beauty products that will provide a great facial cleanse and refresher as the weather conditions get harsher! What are some of your go-to items?


©Header Image: The Body Shop


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