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It’s not every year you see a season collection from one of the big designer names and think, “I could actually wear this on a normal day”. Besides the price sometimes being a little too far out of reach, one tends to wonder exactly what occasion these designers had in mind whilst putting the pieces together.

Although LANVIN has always been a favourite of ours,  they proved to be even more loveable when they kick-started this new year by launching their ‘Hiver 2014’ pre-collection, with a fashion show using puppet-like mannequins and the most exquisite picturesque display imaginable for an autumn/winter collection.

What was most remarkable about the collection, was Albar Elbaz’s particular desire to make these outfits part of a woman’s day-to-day wardrobe. Especially for those that love over-sized apparel and mixing smart and casual pieces together!

Here are some of our ‘most wearable’ day looks and evening wears – what are your favourites?

Photo credits: Lanvin & Style.com


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