Catch the Travel Bug

Travelling, the only way to find yourself whilst being completely lost from your reality.
So many people are travelling around the world. Whether it’s just to explore and follow adventure, or to discover themselves and find a new meaning and different outlook on life. For whatever reason, travelling is a great gift for the soul.
Feeding the soul with different cultures and surroundings, absorbing the creatures and smells, tastes and colours of the new world they wish they had seen before.
Speaking to a close friend who went travelling because he felt lost, and thought there must be more to life. He stands by the fact that he wanted to go around the world to discover new things, be away from his reality and create a new one whilst seeing the paradise of the world.
Opening our eyes to other cultures and ways of living surely can only widen our senses, and make us better people. More accepting, more developed, deeper souls. For whatever your reason for flying the skies, trekking the mountains, taking bus journeys for hours to reach your next ultimate destination, soak up the rays, the sounds, the beautiful countries and relish in the new found world you have discovered.
Some say it’s running away, others say they should have done it sooner. I think everyone is destined to travel at some point in their lives. When are you planning yours?
Happy travelling ORÈ readers!
Written by Aryana Vashisht (the hopeful travel bug)


Seasonal ÒRÉ blog contributor.

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