Breakfast With Moe

“Oatmeal and fruit is always a perfect breakfast choice…”
-Moe. (@mmmoky)

Enjoy a mild Winter Weekend with our Comfort-Food Breakfast series.

Breakfast with Moe features some of the most captivating breakfast options by young Japanese Italian, food-loving vegan, Moe.
I stumbled on her Tumblr page during one of my “food-inspiration hoarding” nights and got a little too excited at all the varied beautiful ways to eat oatmeal.
So here’s to the best meal of the day, and Moe’s breakfast wonders.
Images: ©Moe’s Instagram/Tumblr

Breakfast with Moe
“Matcha oatmeal with a drizzle of coconut milk, blueberries and pomegranate”

“…a comforting bowl of creamy chocolate oatmeal this morning. Also topped with homemade nut granola”

Breakfast with Moe
“@organicburst baobab oatmeal, topped with peach, cherries, hazelnut butter and pecans..”

Breakfast with Moe
“coconut cream, granola, blueberries and banana slices…”

“Almond milk and @organicburst baobab oatmeal, topped with cherries, homemade Maple&Tahini granola, puffed buckwheat and the inevitable hazelnut butter…”

“Creamy cacao oatmeal with banana, slivered almonds, crushed pistachios, chia seeds and coconut tahini sauce”

“…a comforting bowl of coconut chia oatmeal topped with fruit and maple syrup”

Breakfast with Moe
“Vegan whole crepes filled with hazenut butter & served with strawberry banana ice cream..”


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