Blazer Lovin'

Blazers! Can you ever go wrong with them?

I remember when blazers used to have conventional shapeless styles because back then showing your figure was not a major thing.

When I used to think of blazers it’d take me back to secondary school when my mum would buy me the biggest-sized blazer and say: “Elizabeth, you’ll grow into it!” Well, five years later I actually did, I guess it saved her some money!

But roll on 2014, and thankfully, we have many modernised options to choose from. Cropped, fitted, draped, short sleeved and even boyfriend shaped blazers, there’s a style for every occasion, and a style that works great with every body type! Blazers

My favourite styles are cropped, fitted and draped. I am 5’4 with a petite frame, and these blazers work best for me considering I also have a small waist. It is vital to have many styles to choose from because each specific style will complement an outfit in its own way.

I tend to style my blazers (fitted or draped) casually with a white vest top tucked into a pair of denim jeans, snatched with a comfortable pair of heels.

Most times, simple and less is more!

I also love a bright coloured blazer. Electric blue, orange, yellow etc… I say, the brighter the better! A coloured blazer can definitely spice up an outfit BUT be careful, make sure you know your colours and the shades that suit your skin tone.

Experiment with colours and don’t be boring! Your wardrobe is your lab – be creative!

This new year, I challenge you to think outside of your comfort zone and try  different types of coloured blazers. Oh and don’t forget to capture the outfit, instagram it and hashtag #Oreonline!

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