Yes, Christmas is a time for giving, not receiving. But why not give yourself a little gift this Christmas? You deserve it after all, after battling through fellow Christmas shoppers to get to that last special edition, white and grey Furby. Not only do many beauty brands launch gift sets at Christmas, but many special edition products and sets are released throughout the holidays which are perfect for any beauty lover with a soft spot for limited edition packaging.

The Supermodel Genius Tutorial Video Box, Charlotte Tilbury: £200.00

charlottetilburyMiss Tilbury has outdone herself with this set for Christmas. Although undeniably pricey, this gem of a box not only contains all the products needed to recreate Charlotte’s “The Supermodel” Look, but upon opening, a little video plays, where Charlotte herself talks through how to create the look, whilst showing how to apply each product. It really is genius. The £200 price tag feels a little less steep when looking inside the box, as apart from a lesson from a makeup master, you receive: a luxury, limited edition eye palette, a lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss, a mascara, an eyeliner, and a blush powder containing two colours. You do receive a lot for your money, as well as a gimmick I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over.

Keepsakes: Eye Bags, Mac: £39.50

Christmas presents from Mac this year come in a gorgeous black glitter makeup bag. macInside each Mac Eye Bag is a duo palette featuring two of the gorgeous eye shadows, an eyeliner and a mascara. This bag comes in 3 colour options: Brown, Plum, and Smokey. These little bags are perfect as they give an entire eye look in a consistent colour palette, so there is no need to shop your stash for the purple eyeliner you bought back in the nineties. As the bags are from Mac, the eye shadow palette included is flawless, and the formula is buttery smooth whilst still packing a good colour pay off. The mascara is ideal for full on lashes, and the eyeliner brings the look together nicely.

Mini Mani Manor Nail Polish Advent Calendar, Ciate: £49.50

Long gone are the days of chocolate filled advent calendars, as it’s time for a more grown up option for all those manicure lovers out there, as Ciate has this base well and truly covered. Each year Ciate launches an advent calendar, but this year by far has the best colour options and definitely the Ciatecutest packaging. Each compartment features a mini Ciate nail colour, with a line up that includes their best sellers and 5 new glitter polishes, which are perfect for a festive look. Considering each full size bottle of Ciate’s beautiful nail formula weighs in at £9, this advent calendar is well worth the money. The miniature size of the bottles means that you can finish the nail polish before it goes all gloopy, and none is wasted, making this an even more economically friendly gift to yourself.

Virtual Domination Cheek Palette, Nars: £32.00

The Nars special edition palettes always cause heart palpitations amongst beauty fans, and this is no exception. The Virtual Domination palette combines nars4 gorgeous blush colours alongside their best selling Laguna bronzer, meaning your complexion is covered from all angles. Although the blush names leave little to the imagination as with many Nars products, the quality is faultless and the pigmentation couldn’t be improved upon. You get a lot for your money with this little palette.

By, Samantha Wellard

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