Roll Up!

Get autumn-winter ready with our Wardrobe Essentials Guide.
The best way to stay stylishly seasonal is to always start with the essentials.
Don’t get sucked into spending lots of money on “the next big thing” without getting back to the basics. Thankfully, if you get the basics right, you can get a lot of wears out of them – mixing and styling with all the exciting add ons!
As the weather is taking a turn for the colder, it is imperative you grab yourself a clothing item (or two, three, maybe seven) with a roll-neck – or “turtleneck” – or “cowl-neck”.
There’s something wonderfully practical about having a warm neck all day without doing too much with a scarf (we’ll get to the scarves!). The roll-neck is and will always be autumn-winter appropriate, and like every other ‘essential’ piece, you can work wardrobe wonders with it throughout the season!

Style Tips:

The roll-neck can be fairly simple; be it knitwear or plain cotton, the idea is to switch it up with colourful (but stick to neutral) options, different cuts and varied fits.

  • Throw an oversize roll-neck jumper over a pair of skinnies;
  • Tuck in a slim-fit roll-neck jumper to skinnies or an A-line skirt;
  • Style a roll-neck dress with statement jewellery on a night out

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