If you google “health and lifestyle tips”, the amount of tips and tricks that pop up are overwhelming. Some contradict the other and some are just impossible to adopt in your lifestyle. So, to help anyone on the hunt for simple tips towards a healthy lifestyle, I have combined the most practical ones that have been tried and tested (repeated), and are sure to be a winner in anyone’s daily routine.

Health Tips,
Aryana’s Top 5!

#1 Don’t skip breakfast!

Now if you’re a late sleeper or often in a major rush in the mornings, this one is a hard pill to swallow. But see if you can try to sneak some time in before you leave your house, or can grab something on the go – breakfast is crucial to waking up your organs and preparing you for the full day ahead. Whether it be a smoothie or an egg cooked in your preferred way, breakfast ought to help you through till lunch. And just incase you are too busy for lunch, at least you have had your most important meal of the day to give you some well needed energy and break the “fast” from overnight. It’s kickstarts your metabolism, so make it wholesome.

#2 Drink more water!

Okay so how many times have you heard/read this? Drink more water. Drink at least 2 litres a day. Drink as much as you can and then some. Because water really does help. And without too much boring repetitive detail, quite simply your body needs it, craves it and requires it. The crazy thing to think about is this: often when you feel hungry (especially not long after you’ve had a meal), water is the very thing you need to keep you going again till the next meal.

#3 – Keep active!

Now this doesn’t mean the walk from your desk to the kitchen to make a coffee. This means walking, running, sports and dare I say it…a fruitful bedroom life! Get out for a walk in the mornings, or after work. Don’t sit down, get your trainers on and go somewhere before you sit down for dinner. It really helps diminish the “ahh I can’t be bothered to move now” or ” I have just sat down and had such a stressful day at work”. Do it and reward yourself after with the rest. And if running or sports isn’t your thing (or bedroom frolics aren’t on the cards), then get walking. A brisk walk for an hour burns approximately 300 calories! Add in some hills or extend the time and that’s 300 calories per day you’re losing! But that doesn’t mean stuff your face all day and then walk…

#4 – Cook from scratch!

Here’s the big one: cooking from scratch even though you may think you don’t have time is crucial, so make time! Get out your recipe books – or pull out a few from some of our favourite recipes on the blog – and get out your cooking equipment. You can see what you’re actually putting in your food and also it cuts out all the nasty added sugars and fats you probably didn’t even know were in your “low fat healthy meal”.

#5  Sleep well!

This usually means between 6-8 hours per night. Preferably 7, but some people struggle to sleep more than 6 and others need a whole Saturday just to catch up! But daily at least aim for 6-8 hours. Your body burn calories as you sleep! But that’s not the main reason, the main reason is to give your body the rest it needs. To repair its cells, and muscles after you’ve exercised and just relax and re-energise your tired feet and mind from your daily work. Whether that’s from working in your busy office after hours or running around with the kids until their bedtime. You’re body needs time to heal and be still. So take a few deep breaths, and snuggle into that pillow.

Happy ORÈ readers 🙂
Written by Aryana V (Aryana Vashisht)
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