Airport fashion is hardly practical let’s admit it. We tend to wear comfortable clothes to suit how long our journey may be. Needless to say we forever see celebrities looking as if they’re about to hit the catwalk but as we are all aware, the cameras are eyes on them.

Soon enough we’re all going to be having holiday blues, wondering where our next destination may take us… If you’re considering going away this autumn, to get away from London’s cold and frost biting winds, you’ve stopped at the right place for a few new tips on your airport attire.

Celebrity photographer Miles Diggs recently spotted Rihanna in New York City in a Navy blue fleece tracksuit.

As we all know, Rihanna stays setting trends in such simple ways. Forever making a basic piece of clothing look effortless, elegant and stylish. She paired this tracksuit with heels and a dainty side crossbody bag which is also trending at the moment. The smaller the bag, the cuter the outfit. This is the touch you need.

If you want to look that little bit more glamorous on your way to your destination and you’re not so into wearing  sliders, sunglasses and a tracksuit with your hair pinned up in a messy bun and you need something to spice up your outfit, this is for you.

So as always, I’m here to serve you with the styles to match Rihannas look at a more affordable price.

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