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We’re pleased to preview the highlights from African Fashion Week London (AFWL) 2015, as selected by blogger and fashion student, Ofure Iyobhebhe, who covered event for The ÒRÉ Brand, attending shows and exhbitions throughout the two-day event.

Thanks AFWL for securing our Press Pass, and Eyola Brand for the specific invitation to the show.

At AFWL 2015, there were over 40 different designers showcasing there garments and accessories. One thing most of the exhibitions had in common was the wide range of colours featured in their designs, and of course the distinctive African print.
Walking around the different stalls I saw items which I’d never seen in African print before such as sunglasses, shoes and coats. All of the stalls were creative and inspiring but these are the ones that particularly stood out to me: Continent Clothing, Afrique Chic, Maiwax, G321 and Jekkah.
AFWL 2015 featured bold African prints represented on the runway, fused with a vast range of different fabrics including Lace, Mesh, Chiffon and Denim.

Material came in forms of combined prints and patchwork creating a fresh outlook on African fashion.

Continent Clothing

The Continent Clothing stall had an array of colourful dresses and quirky details such as patchwork combining different ethnic print on a pleated dress. Continent Clothing also had a range of jackets but the pieces that took the spotlight were the shorts at just 10 pounds they are casual, quirky and something that can be worn throughout summer with any kind of top or even around the house as lounge wear. Prior to attending AFW I had never seen shorts of this cut in an African fabric it’s easy to wear and a piece I can’t see going out of fashion anytime soon.


The Jekkah brand screams young loud and fearless the pieces featured; crop tops coats and trousers. I liked the fact that this brand sold clothes for both men and women and that some pieces (such as the coat) can be worn by both genders. The Jekkah brand sells pieces I feel you can combine with your wardrobe to bring a unique aspect into your everyday pieces.

Afrique Chic

The Afrique Chic stall featured pieces suitable for women both young to middle aged. I like how this brand combined easy to wear dresses; such as the skater dresses in geometric patterns(which could be worn both in the day and evening)and the more glamorous dresses featuring ruffles and peplums which would be worn on special occasions. What made this stall stand out as one of the best in my opinion was the fact that they had a piece for a wide age-range of women and the pieces were still on-trend.


Although the Maiwax stall only featured sunglasses it was the most innovative accessories stall. The sunglasses were made of a high quality plastic with real African fabric inserted through the clear plastic for a fresh new look.


What made stall G321 stand out from the rest was the use of the light and flowing chiffon fabric and innovative take on African print. The fabric instead of it being screen or wax printed was digitally printed and had taken a modern approach to the details printed on the dresses such as multiple different prints on one dress and horses/ more identifiable prints. There was a piece for everyone on this stall: there was shirts (which could be worn on an everyday basis), short summer dress (perfect material for hot weather), and long sleeveless dresses. In terms of something you would wear everyday in the summer I would go to this stall, as it has a range of different cuts with the same light material.

On Friday, the shows I found the most innovative were: Aaugust and Alisha.


The Aaugust show was characterised by loose, free-fitting, expressionism fashion. This collection was the most inimitable on the catwalk as the pieces were not predictable every-day pieces. This combination of unstructured yet textured with a multi-toned colour palette made for a memorable collection.


The Alisha show was characterised by Ankara mixed with other fabrics (Chiffon and Denim). What I found innovative about this show was the fact that they mixed the current trendy fabric (denim) with Ankara making for unforgettable and eccentric pieces.

On Saturday, I attended these three designers:


The AIMEEKU show was characterised by Lace mixed with Ankara and Light Pastel colours, making for a super Feminine, Sweet, yet Womanly collection. I liked how AIMEEKU mixed the lace with the Ankara and light pastel colours. The Ankara is usually in a bold colourful form, what is refreshing about this collection was the fact that the pattern was light and used more as a feature than an all-over print in the collection.

Yada Exclusive

The Yada Exclusive collection was characterised by bright colour and easy to wear feminine pieces. What made this collection stand out was the work wear silhouettes used the pencil skirt and shirt but the unconventional approach to colour: shades of orange pink and yellow and the light merging pattern made for appealing pieces.


The Eyola collection consisted of a colour pallet of silvery grey, red and white. The gorgeous evening wear collection has a glamorous, elegant and decadent presence with fabrics such as velvet, silk and mesh used in this collection.


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