Exercise is very important.
If you want to keep fit and healthy then regular exercise is crucial.
Get into the swing of workouts; home workouts, go running, walking, or head to the gym – whatever you decide to do, decide a time to do it!
Personally, I prefer to exercise in the morning; usually an hour after breakfast.
Whether you’re a morning person or not, if you need reasons why it’s good to wake up earlier to get your work out in, here are my top 8.

  1. Exercising in the morning makes me feel more alert and energetic throughout the rest of the day.


  1. I get a better workout in the morning compared to working out any other time of the day.


  1. If I exercise in the morning, I am less likely to skip a workout that day because it is the first thing on my ‘to do’ list. If I was planning to exercise, let’s just say, in the afternoon or evening I would become lazy when that time for burning fat would arrive; making me miss a the exercise altogether.


  1. Morning workouts motivate me to actually eat healthy foods throughout the rest of the day. This is because when I start my day healthy, I’ll more likely stay focused on completing the day healthy.


  1. My appetite is controlled for the rest of day – less sugar cravings, more vegetables and a careful observation of my nutrition intake.


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  1. When I exercise in the morning, I feel more accomplished – regardless what else I do that day.


  1. I start the day in a happy mood. Exercising in the morning helps me get rid of any stress from the day(s) before, so I get to put my best foot forward.


  1. If you’re a gym-person, early morning workouts mean less people using the gym! An empty room gives me more opportunity to use various equipments – plus, I can happily get on without being conscious of who’s watching.

I always look forward to a morning workout. It is what gets me up so early!
Kick start your morning this season!

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