The sun is out and temperatures are rising- summer is well and truly here (even in England), and with that comes the need to keep hydrated. What with long, hot runs, countless tennis matches, hours of tanning or just drinking one too many Pimms, it’s very easy to become dehydrated during the summer months.
So, keep some of these water foods to hand- your very own “hydration station”, if you will.

1. Yoghurt

Water content:  85 to 88%
Simple serving suggestion: Greek yoghurt + raspberries + blueberries + granola + honey – See Recipe

2. Strawberries

Water content: 91.0%
Simple serving suggestion: Strawberry halves + dark chocolate dip

3. Spinach

Water content: 91.4%
Simple serving suggestion: spinach + feta + egg omelette + toast + pepper + salt – See Recipe

4. Tomatoes

Water content: 94.5%
Simple serving suggestion: Cherry tomatoes + feta cheese + cucumber + olives + olive oil + dill – See Recipe

5. Celery

Water content: 95.4%
Simple serving suggestion: Celery + almond/peanut butter

6. Cucumber

Water content: 96.7%-the highest water content of any solid food.
Simple serving suggestion: Cucumber rounds + butter + smoked salmon + rye bread.  Or as a cooling eye mask!

Ellie Noble

Seasonal ÒRÉ blog contributor.

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