The ÒRÉ Brand is a trend-focused lifestyle platform for women,
with a nod to Black creatives and women of colour.
Est. 2015

Hello ÒRÉ (Or-Reh) was created by two British-Nigerian sisters with everyday young women in mind. We call it, the ‘Girlfriends Guide’ to style, healthy living, and exploring. Our online platform is a practical space for young women taking on the world with style and grace (well, trying to!).

Since 2014, the ORE blog has been sustained by amazing collaborations featuring young women from various walks of life. We’ve attended private product launches, travelled around Europe, and covered unique fashion shows in the city of London. We’ve also featured multiple freelance writers who were seeking space to write and depict the diverse world of fashion, healthy living and beauty through their unique eyes. We’re grateful for the opportunities this platform has given us and those who’ve collaborated with us!

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JoannaE wearing KV
Joanna, E

Brand Enthusiast (JKLDN)