Sweater Weather

I love a good sweater.

If clothes had emotions, the sweater would be the happiest of them all.

1, because sweaters are for perfect cuddling (yourself).
2, because sweaters make you want to cuddle other people.

For me, the perfect sweaters are over-sized: draping happily over your body, leaving room for a shirt underneath, and perhaps one more person could squeeze in there too.

It’s currently sweater-weather in the south of France.
Today featured a mild breezy 12 degrees Celsius afternoon and I sported one of my favourite over-sized (over-worn) sweaters from Bershka, and a hugging pair of Hollister jeans. Sweaters are even more ideal if you don’t spend too much time standing outside. I walk around a lot out here, so a good cosy sweater keeps me warm while I’m outside, but not too warm so I don’t have to take anything off when I get inside.

For those not accustomed to sweater-wearing, don’t underestimate the power of a good sweater by throwing on just anything sweater-ish over anything you can find.

If you want to make the sweater-look a fabulous look, take time when you go sweater shopping and try them on if you can. Sometimes I get a sweater 2-3 sizes bigger than normal to get the look I want, other times my size is just fine!
Oversized sweaters go perfect with slim-fitted leggings, trousers, or jeans. Normal-sized sweaters look great with a smart shirt underneath and its collars peeping through.

So here’s to the sweater, and to a beautiful autumn-winter in the south of France.
Apologies to those in America/where it’s freezing. You may need at least two sweaters!
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