A distinctive part of our mission as an upcoming fashion brand is to answer one of the most crucial fashion questions – “how will it look?”

Women come in different shapes and sizes, and as it is practically impossible to tailor for all, ORE is always on the lookout for the curvy, athletic and petite figures.

Whilst formulating our ideas and researching styles for these three body-types, we soon realised it was virtually impossible to find curvy, full-figured women amongst the multitude of “thinspirations” that infiltrated our daily fashion dashboard. So we began an exclusive hunt for curvy fashionistas!

Fashion Blogger & Plus Size Model Nadia Abhoulson
Fashion Blogger & Plus Size Model ©Nadia Abhoulson

What is most refreshing about our (ongoing) hunt is seeing the number of curvy women just as keen as their skinny sisters to show the world how fashion is supposed to look. Why curvy women don’t take centre stage in fashion (or even share the stage) the way thin women do, is not a debate that affects ORE because with us, every woman is worth the chase – so even if we have to Yahoo search for some fierce mamas, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

So, what exactly is curvy? The term ‘curvy’ is quite subjective, and can physically range from any woman size UK 8 and above. Curvy refers to the proportionality of a female’s hips and thighs – both of which are distinctively wider than her waist.

Julia Lavrovа ©Tumblr
Julia Lavrovа

A curvy woman is a “shapely” woman: also known as “full-figured”, “thick”… But in particular, the women that caught our eyes were healthy and fabulously working with their extras. Most times it seems full-figured women don’t appeal the way they ought to because they either don’t know what styles work with their figure, or they just don’t look healthy. Curves lose some of its attraction when the woman seems lost underneath her masses.

Curve Control! Are you a healthy curvy or just a lazy one? Eating healthy and understanding the right types of exercises (don’t go Jennifer Hudson on us) will not affect your curves but accentuate them. Some women don’t exercise (thin or curvy), and still look healthy, but only you know if you’re cheating yourself and not reaching your potential.

Curve Control! Are you dressing for your shape or your imagination? Knowing what works with your body shape is crucial when you have a lot of ‘body’ to work with. Not everything you see someone wear will look good on you, especially if that person does not have a similar body type! When you go shopping, experiment in the mirror and take some honest friends with you – you’ll be better off!

Curve Control! It starts off with being comfortable where you are on the way to wherever you’re headed. And if you’re a curvy mama (or have any other specific body shape) and love fashion – feel free to write to us or hashtag #theOzone (instagram: @ore_online), because we love all shapes and sizes!

Wear confidence first. It’s more appealing.


Editor in Chief for Hello ÒRÉ Food-lover, avid shopper and explorer.

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